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Accountability and Development Review

Annual process begins for 2017-18

Strathclyde’s Accountability and Development Review process for 2017-18 is now underway.

Staff members’ discussions with their reviewers will look back over the period since August 2016 and objectives will be set to cover the year to July 2018. There will also be the opportunity to discuss any development needs linked to these objectives.

ADRs for senior officers are to be completed by the end of May and for deans and heads of departments and schools by the end of June. The deadline for all other staff comes at the end of July.   

The ADR form is available to be filled in via Pegasus. To help staff prepare for the process, a range of supporting documents has been made available on the University’s website.

Staff members should aim to complete their ADR form and send it to their reviewer a week before their scheduled meeting. Any staff who are unsure of who their reviewer will be should check with their Head of Department or School.

Training on ADR is being offered to both staff members and reviewers. Places can be reserved through the online booking service or by contacting the Organisational and Staff Development Unit on extension 4332.

10 May 2017