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Strathclyders honoured in medals ceremony

Eleven individual staff members and four teams at Strathclyde have had their outstanding service recognised with University medals.

Strathclyde Medals

The awards have been made to people, nominated by their peers and colleagues, “who have made an important contribution to the University Values in their work, relationships and achievements.” The winners were recognised for their work and contribution that is people-oriented, bold, innovative, collaborative and ambitious.

The winners were selected by a nominations committee of representatives from around the University.

The awards were made by Strathclyde Principal Professor Sir Jim McDonald at a ceremony at Strathclyde’s Technology and Innovation Centre on Friday, 8 September. The event was attended by a large group of staff from across the University and the Convenor of Court, Dame Sue Bruce.

Sir Jim said: “This is the third year of our medals ceremony and I am delighted again with both the high calibre and the number of nominations received.

“Our Values say a lot about us - who we are, what we value, how we will treat others and how we expect to be treated – and they guide our decision-making.

“On behalf of the entire university community, I congratulate everyone who was nominated for these important awards.”

The medal recipients were:


•             Aimee White (Strategy and Policy)

•             Carol George (Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering)

•             Christine Sinclair (Human Resources)

•             Colin Flynn (Disability Service)

•             Hugh Gallagher (Education)

•             Jim MacDonald (Security Services)

•             Jean Dearie (Estates Services)

•             Lynn Curran (Pure and Applied Chemistry)

•             Mary Bennett (Principal’s Office)

•             Shirley Darling (Humanities & Social Sciences)

•             Wes Boulstridge (Safety, Health and Wellbeing)


•             HaSS (Humanities & Social Sciences) Course Support Team

•             Cleaning BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Science) Team

•             Centre for Lifelong Learning Operations Team

•             CELCIS (Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland) Consultancy Team.        

The winners were chosen from a total of 90 individual and 33 team nominations.

The all staff values survey has been re-run in the past year. It gained an increased response rate from the previous exercise in 2013 and reported improvement in most areas, particularly the Collaborative value.

Strathclyde was named Workplace of the Year in the 2017 Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards (THELMAs).

2 October 2017