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Equipment loan

We have several easy to use solid state video cameras for hire by staff and students. The recorded files can easily be edited on a PC.

Video Streaming

Information Services manage a video streaming service called eStream which allows reliable 24/7 access to web video in computer labs, teaching spaces or anywhere with a network connection. Your video resources can be made available "on demand" without lengthy downloads or the need to distribute DVDs, tapes etc. Once the material is on the eStream server it can be accessed in a variety of ways including via a website, email or VLE allowing others to view at any time.

Here is an example: (campus only)



Recording TV and radio broadcasts

By utilising the eStream online freeview recording service University Staff are able to search, select and schedule a recording of most freeview TV or radio broadcasts. Once selected these broadcasts are automatically recorded and uploaded to the eStream video server and a direct web link is emailed to the member of staff who made the selection. The recordings can then be made available to other staff and students to view online from any networked computer on campus.

The system is very easy to use: TV Recording help page.  
(Note: these recordings are kept for two years by default. If you require an extension contact the administrator)

Missed a recording?

You can use the BUFVC service to locate past TV broadcasts. To obtain a copy of a missed broadcast contact the Video team.

License Considerations

The recording of off-air material for use in education is covered under the ERA scheme. Any programme broadcast by terrestrial television and radio stations which are members of the ERA scheme can be recorded.
Streaming audio and video recorded under the ERA Licence is subject to the following conditions:
1. Delivery is via a secure network to registered students for educational use
2. Recordings are on-campus access only
3. Recordings acknowledge the ERA Licence and original broadcast details
More information
The ERA license does not cover Open University programme recording, see the FAQ


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