Configuring Systems To Use The Network

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IT Services try to make network configuration of individual machines as simple as possible. The preferred hardware platform for staff use is the Strathclyde Standard Desktop. If you use one of these systems, the only configuration required is to pass on some details about the machine to the Helpdesk, then to plug the machine in!

Once the hardware has been set up, and your machine has been connected to the network (contact the Helpdesk if you need a network cable), you must configure your system with the appropriate addresses. Details on how to configure these parameters differ from system to system. 


  1. IP Address
  2. Name
    Subnet Mask 
    At Strathclyde, the value for the subnet mask is generally (FFFFFF00 in hex). In some situations it may be different.
  3. Default Gateway
    This parameter is the address of a gateway which connects your local network to. If your IP address is 130.159.xx.yy, then the default gateway would normally be 130.159.xx.100.
  4. DNS server
    The Domain Name Service (DNS) provides translation between numeric IP addresses and the more user-friendly names. Several values will be supplied on the IP address allocation sheet.

To browse any Web pages outside the University you MUST configure your browser to use a proxy server.