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Teaching Space Support


We support the installation and maintenance of equipment within the University’s teaching rooms and provide expert technical support.

We offer a comprehensive video service ranging from the digistisation and streaming of existing video content to the creation of bespoke video resources.


Below are some examples of some of the innovative projects that the Learning Space Support Team have done.





Learning Space Touchscreen Systems:

Strathclyde has seen the rollout of an advanced technology project by Information Services AV/IT, designed to improve the teaching and learning experience.  Bespoke touchscreen controllers, programmed and designed from scratch are improving the advanced teaching spaces. The project focused on user friendly, one touch control of the teaching environment displayed on a simple 'iphone' style interface.  The system also boasts on screen interactive help and remote network control for instant support.  Coupled with new hardware such as high resolution document cameras projected on dual four metre screens a new benchmark is being set for teaching spaces.  The new technology is available in the Anderson, Architecture, Royal College, SIBPS, Thomas Graham and Weir buildings. To arrange demonstrations or training contact Information Services (ex 5999).

Live Remote Captioning Project:

The Live Remote Captioning project has improved the learning experience for deaf and hard of hearing students.  It provides improved access to lectures by converting live speech directly into displayed text in real time.  Information Services AV/IT developed a portable solution using radio mics, bluetooth audio distribution tech and mobile phones, in collaboration with an external captioner. Student feedback has been positive and the system benefits from efficiency and reliability gains compared to using speed text typists in lectures. 

Learning Space Services Enquiries
Email: ls-roomsupport@strath.ac.uk
Phone: 5999 (0141 548 5999)