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We believe the services at the University of Strathclyde are among the best on offer at any educational establishment.

Every registered student and member of staff is entitled to a personal email address and free access to the Internet. IT Services offer a range of services including virus scanning, helping you to connect to our wireless network (eduroam) and University software installation support´╗┐.


There are several large clusters of PCs around campus open round the clock (you will need special permission to access clusters overnight or at the weekend) all with internet access and a full range of software for various purposes.

If you're a student living in Residences, your room already has a connection to the campus network, and we can arrange help for you to configure your laptop/desktop to gain access if required.

If you have your own laptop, there are numerous areas around campus where you can use our wireless (or in some areas, wired) network to access the net.

For all your stationery needs, as well as memory sticks, print cartridges and most other computer consumables, IT Sales in the Andersonian Library is the place to go.

By far the most popular services are, as ever, email and the web. Should you ever need help with anything to do with these or any other of the services on offer, just contact the Helpdesk for advice.

Learn more about email facilties

Most people will use Outlook Web Access to access the service, referred to as NEMO.