Electronic Mailing Lists

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IT Services operates a number of mailing lists. Some of these are for general University information targetted at different groups of people (such as classifications of staff), some are lists for departmental purposes, and others are for arbitrary groupings of people, such as users of particular software or services, project groups, etc.

Information is available on some of the useful general purpose lists, and how to subscribe to them.

IT Services will, on request, set up electronic mailing lists for suitable user groups within the University.

The managed mailing list service is currently based upon the majordomo software. It provides such facilities as un/subscription, moderation, and control over who can post to the list. It is much more flexible and stable than an email client's inbuilt "distribution list" feature, in that it is run on central IT Services servers, and can be accessed by a number of people. It is also more secure than simple "address exploder"-type lists, which are being phased out.

We currently provide lists for various University user groups, systems administrators, courses, announcements, departmental staff groups, student societies, and others.

To request a list, send an email to the address below, giving a brief overview of the intended function of the list. A form will be returned which must be completed in full. Although the form is fairly self-explanatory, further advice or clarification can be sought. The form requests, amongst other operational details, the suggestion of a name required for the list. However, you should note that the final decision for the name of a list will be made by IT Services. All lists will be in the @lists.strath.ac.uk email domain, except in exceptional circumstances.

The list must have an assigned owner (normally the person who requested it), and there should be a reasonable assurance that the owner has some authority to operate such a list on behalf of its members. The list owner's email address will be used for list administration purposes (receiving notifications about membership changes to the list, warning messages regarding the list, list administration information from IT Services, and for dealing with subscription requests where needed). The list owner must be familiar with the operation of electronic mail, must agree to be responsible for the day to day running of the list (e.g. receiving notification of, and approving if necessary, subscriptions and unsubscriptions; approving posting to the list if approval of posting is required).

In the event that the list owner becomes uncontactable (which in this context means their email address doesn't work, or appears to be unattended) and no other email contact is known to be associated with the list, the list is liable to be disabled and ultimately deleted. Hence, if you are the owner of a list and your email address changes, you will need to inform us. If you will be leaving the University, then someone else must be employed to operate the list, and IT Services notified of their email address.

Administrative Contact Address

To request a new list, changes to list configuration, send queries, or contact the members of IT Services staff responsible for the service, email: listmaster@strath.ac.uk.


Although most attachments can be handled by the list processing software, no guarantee is given as to successful delivery of any particular form of attachment.

Messages to be distributed should be confined to in-line text messages. Attaching large documents or other attachments to a message submitted to a list is generally disapproved, as the attachement is replicated and sent to each member of the list, and this places a much greater burden upon the email service. Items supplementary to the basic message should rather be placed in a location from which list members can retrieve them themselves if desired, such as an FTP or website location. The address of the location for the item, and method of retrieving it, should then be referenced in the message.