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Information Services provides facilities to enable staff and students to work remotely, supporting the University's goals for flexible working.

The vast majority of services provided by the University are accessible via the web, making them potentially available to users  from any location. Access to such services is controlled by authentication, ordinarily with the DS username and password credentials.

The following University services can be accessed remotely:


Email (Nemo)is the University web-based mail

How Do I Access?

  • Open a web browser and go to:
  • Authenticate with your DS username and password
  • This service works best with Internet Explorer.



MyPlace (VLE)

MyPlace was developed at the University of Strathclyde to replace the University's old learning system LearnOnline (also known as WebCT); and is the home for learning and teaching on-line at the University of Strathclyde. This online environment provides access to class and course activities, learning materials, and general information relating to student studies at Strathclyde.


How Do I Access?

Network Drives (H: & i: drives)

There are a number of ways available to access your Network Drives remotely, including Pegasus, Webdrive, VPN and Strathcloud Connectors.  Step-by-step instructions for all the different options can be found here.


PEGASUS (Portal Engine Giving Access to Strathclyde University Systems) is the University’s web-based portal – a web-based communication system that gives you access to most of the Strathclyde University systems that you have permissionto use, e.g.

  • Class catalogue
  • Room bookings enquiries
  • Announcements
  • Links to VLEs
  • Link to Email
  • Link to Network Drives (ie. H: drive & i: Drive)
  • Student information
  • Keeping your HR information up-to-date in HRIS (Human Resources Information  System)
  • Car parking application

How Do I Access?



SharePoint  is a collection of web-based software tools brought together in one place to facilitate document management and collaborative working and to support users in streamlining business processes. 

How do I access?

  • Open a web browser and go to:, which takes you to the SharePoint Directory
  • Authenticate with your DS username and password, entering ds\ before your username
  • This service works best with Internet Explorer.

Once logged in the About SharePoint page provides further information on the use of SharePoint at Strathclyde.

Additional Staff Services


Remote access to your office PC


 Please contact the IT Helpdesk for more help or advice on setting up, using and troubleshooting the VPN service.


This facility allows users to access resources on their University PC remotely.

N.B. As outlined above, the majority of services are available via a web browser, so MOST users will not require this type of access, this only needs to be used to access resources that are ONLY available from your PC, please consult the notes above or your usual IT Support service for advice before proceeding.

Currently, to allow remote access to work:

  • Your University PC needs to be pre-configured to permit remote connections
  • You will need to know the IP address of your University PC.  
  • The Virtual Private Network (VPN) service needs to be installed and connected. 

How do I configure my PC to permit remote connections?

  • Control Panel
  • System
  • Remote Settings
  • Select 'Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)'

The VPN service permits a computer which is not located on the campus network to become virtually connected to the campus network for a session of work. Software can be downloaded and installed via Pegasus.

How Do I Obtain VPN Software?

  • Open a web browser and go to:
  • Authenticate with your DS Username and Password
  • Under Information Services tab, click on Available Licensed Software and select ShrewSoft VPN  

Installation instructions and how to successfully authenticate are sent to your email when you accept the license agreement. 

Professional Services staff?

ShrewSoft VPN can be dowbloaded from Pegasus. Once connected to the VPN you can then connect to your University PC remotely. In order to connect to a remote computer, the device must be switched on and you must have permissions to connect. If you have any problems either installing ShrewSoft or connecting remotely, please contact the Professional Services Helpdesk.  

How do I open 'Remote Desktop Connection' on the PC I wish to connect from?

  • Start
  • All Programs
  • Accessories
  • Remote Desktop Connection
  • In the Computer field enter the IP address of the device you want to connect to 
  • When promoted authenticate with your DS username and password (you may  need to enter ds\ before your username) 
Configuring a laptop for Eduroam

Information on configuring a laptop for Eduroam can be found on the following webpage:



More Information

Access to some specialist software is not available remotely.

Good practice guidelines

  • Please ensure you have anti-virus software installed on your home PC, this can be downloaded via PEGASUS
  • Please ensure that you do not store corporate data on your home PC or unsecured USB devices.

For more information or help with remote access please contact the IT Helpdesk:

t: 0141 548 4000