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Strathcloud Sharefile is a file-storage and sharing application.  It is a secure place to store and transfer electronic files so that they are easily available acro​ss multiple devices, including pc/laptop, Mac, smartphone and tablet.

Usually, you will hear the service referred to as simply “Strathcloud”.  However, you may also come across the word “Sharefile”, as this is the name of the underlying Citrix product used by the Strathcloud service.

You can watch an introductory video here.

Is Strathcloud for me?

Strathcloud may well be right for you, if any of the following apply to you :

  • I want something that works like Dropbox / OneDrive / GoogleDrive, without having to put my files "in the cloud".
  • I want to store my files somewhere safe, where they will be automatically copied between storage in different University buildings, and backed up for me, without me having to do anything.
  • I want to sync my files between the University's storage and my own devices, so that I can access them even when I'm not connected to a network.
  • I want great collaboration facilities for sharing data, sending large file-attachments, checkin/checkout of documents, etc.
  • I'm a member of staff, or a post-grad researcher, and I want to store my own files, and share with others.
  • I'm an undergrad, or taught post-grad, and I want to access files that a member of staff has shared with me.
  • I'm an external collaborator, and I want to share files with a Strathclyde researcher or staff-member.

Strathcloud might not be right for you, if the following apply :

  • I have a very large amount of data - consider using H: or i: drive instead, as this scales better.
  • I need to write experimental data at high speed - consider writing to H: or i: drive, as this performs faster.  Or, for maximum performance, write it somewhere local first, then copy it to Strathcloud, H: or i: drive later.
  • I'm an undergrad, or taught post-grad, and I just want somewhere to store my own files - use your "OneDrive" storage on Office 365, or your H: drive.
  • I want somewhere to store/archive/publish completed research data for the long-term, to comply with funder mandates - Pure may be more appropriate for this.

Other related services, which you might consider using :

  • H: and i: drives - fast, scalable, simple file-storage.  H: is for your own files, i: is for sharing amongst groups.
  • Sharepoint - rich-featured system for information sharing, collaboration, storage, data collection, communication and reporting.
  • Pure - for long-term deposit or publication of completed research data.
  • Office 365 - mainly for undergraduate and taught post-grad students.

Want more information to help you decide?  For a detailed comparison between H: and i: drives, Sharepoint, and Strathcloud Sharefile, click here.

Getting help

There is lots of general information on the Sharefile product on the Citrix website. This is the best place to go for help on most things, e.g. uploading files, sending files, creating and sharing folders, syncing files to your local device, and much more.

Citrix also have lots of videos which will walk you through some basic Sharefile procedures, step-by-step.

However, Sharefile has also been customised to the University’s needs, so there are some local details which are specific to our Strathcloud service, and these are described on these pages.  These include, how to logon, how to configure your apps, the types of user account available, and several other things not specifically covered by the Citrix website.  So, you should refer to both our local pages, and the Citrix pages above, when looking for help.

If your questions are not covered by either of the above, you can get in touch with the IS Helpdesk. If you're a member of staff or a PGR in an academic department, then your departmental or Faculty IT support will be able to help with most queries, and should normally be your first point of contact.

Finally, you can access the original training-course materials from the Strathcloud launch here.  Please note, though, that this content is not being actively updated, and is likely to be withdrawn at a later date.


Getting started

Before beginning, we strongly recommend that you read the information above, and in the "further information" links below.  However, if you’re sure you’re ready to get started, then click below to go to the

Strathcloud web interface.


Please note : if you have a DS account of any kind, then please login using the left-hand side of the login-screen, using the section entitled "University Login - 99.9% of Users".  The other side of the login-screen is only for "on-the-fly accounts", which represent 0.1% of users.


If you want to use Strathcloud on your own PC/laptop, then you will probably want to download and install the "Sync" app - this can be found under the "Apps" tab, in the web interface above.


Further information

Step-by-Step Guides

Strathcloud FAQs

Strathcloud User Accounts, Explained

Long-Term File-Sharing on Strathcloud

Accessing your H: and i: drive through Strathcloud

Limitations of Strathcloud

Sharing folders with external users and students

Latest news/updates


  • 02/06/2016 : New "" app released - access your Strathcloud as though it was a mapped drive.

  • 29/01/2016 : You can now access your H: and i: drive through Strathcloud!  Click here for more details.

  • 21/12/2015 : You can now check-out and check-in documents.  More details here