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Strathcloud - Installing Windows client  - how to install the "Sync for Windows" app, so that you can then sync files between the Strathcloud storage and your Windows PC or laptop.

Strathcloud - Getting started Guide - sending, organising and sharing your files and folders.

Strathcloud - "Sync for Windows" preferences guide - guidance on configuring your "Sync for Windows" preferences, e.g. so that shared folders are sync'd to your Windows PC or laptop.

Strathcloud - setup for mobile device - guide to setting up the Strathcloud app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Strathcloud - mobile sync advice  - tips on preventing Strathcloud sync/upload/download from using your mobile-data allowance.

Strathcloud - using "Sync for Windows" on a home PC or shared laptop - guidance on keeping your data secure, on a machine you may share with other people.