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Through the agreements that the University has with Microsoft it has a variety of ways for almost all staff and students to get Microsoft Products for free or at a reduced price. 

These are:

Microsoft Campus Agreement

The University has signed up to the Microsoft Campus Agreement which gives the opportunity to run a selection of software on all University-owned PCs and Macs for the duration of the Agreement and for qualifying staff (i.e. in general terms, all categories on the central payroll - except anyone working less than 200 hours per year) to use the software on their home computers for University work.

To download software or find out what products are available through the Campus Agreement, please see the Recommended Software webpages.

Microsoft Select Agreement

The Select Agreement allows University departments to purchase Microsoft software (not offered within the Campus Agreement) at a discounted cost.

With the Select scheme a licence must be obtained before any software can be installed.

Ordering through the Select Agreement is available for software intended for installation on University computers, for work purposes. Sales to students, or to individual members of staff for private purposes, are not permitted.  The student or member of staff then deals directly with the supplier, Capita.

For software covered by the Select agreement a license and installation media (CDs) need to be ordered.

Please refer to the Select Media Pricelist or License Pricelist for further information on software costs.

Licences are abstract while CDs and Manuals (Media) are physical. You may be ordering several licences, but only need one media set. You may be ordering several licences but need no media since you already possess it from an earlier order.

Licences and media are treated separately, each with their own distinct order form. Media are sent out by internal mail once they are received - no stock is kept.

The two order forms are the Microsoft Select Software Licence Order Form (PDF document), for obtaining software licences, and the Microsoft Campus / Select Media Order Form (PDF document), for obtaining documentation and physical media to perform the installation. Installation of the software requires a licence for each copy installed, and you will need a copy of the media to perform the installation.

The ordering point for Select items is Library Shop

More informationcan be found at the Recommendend Software webpages.

Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus

Office365 ProPlus is a service available to registered students with an Office365 email account enabling them to use the latest full version of Microsoft Office either on or off campus and on their own PCs/laptops.

Each subscription license will allow eligible students to run Office on up to five machines being Mac or PC and run Office Mobile for Android or Office Mobile for iPhone on up to 5 mobile devices without any additional cost.

The software will be licensed for the full duration of student's course. 
Once the student has left the University, the Microsoft Office ProPlus subscription will end.

Please go to Recommendend Software for additional information on this service.

Microsoft Dreamspark

DreamSpark Premium is a facility offered by Microsoft which provides some students with software design and development tools at no additional charge.

This service is primarily aimed at registered students within the Faculties of Science and Engineering but certain technical and research staff and  other students who meet the Dreamspark licensing criteria may also be entitled to use the following listed Microsoft products on or off campus and with a personal or University owned computer system.

 Several development software titles are available for download through the program including -

  • Visual Studio
  • Expression Studio
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Windows Server
  • Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio
  • Microsoft CCR and DSS Toolkit

 For more information on other products available, please see the Microsoft Dreamspark homepage.