Changes to Borrower Entitlements

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We've made some changes to renewals and Short Loan return times for 2016-17.

Automatic renewals

We now automatically renew your Standard and 1 Week loans. That means you no longer need to bring your books in to the Library to renew them, or remember to renew them online.

Things to remember

  • Short Loan books don’t renew automatically. If you want to renew a Short Loan book you must bring it in to the Library.
  • We may ask you to bring your books back sooner if someone else reserves them. We will email your Strathclyde email address if this happens. Fines apply if you do not bring back these books by the new return date, so please check your Strathclyde email account often.
  • There’s still a limit to the amount of time you can keep a book. Maximum loans are 24 weeks for Standard Loans and 6 weeks for 1 Week loans. The books will not renew beyond that period.

We will send you an email asking you to return a book if it can’t be renewed, so it’s important that you check your Strathclyde email account regularly.

Later Short Loan return time

Short Loan books are now due at closing time the day after you borrow them. So, if you borrow a Short Loan book today you must bring it back before the Library closes tomorrow. The return time is only different if:

  • You borrow a book on Friday. If you borrow a book on Friday you can keep it over the weekend until closing time on Monday, or:
  • Someone else has reserved the book you’ve borrowed. If this happens, we may ask you to bring the book back sooner. Always check the date and time the book is due back, either on the self service kiosk or on the book receipt.


Short Loan fines are 50p per item per hour or part of an hour. Avoid fines by bringing your books back on time. Please remember, you’re responsible for fines on overdue books even when the Library is closed.

Library opening hours

We close at different times throughout the year. Check our opening hours and bring your books back before we close to avoid being fined overnight.

What do you think?

Let us know what you think of the changes we’ve made. You can:

Staff at the Enquiry Desk will also be happy to explain the changes to you.