Fines and charges exceptions policy

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The Library understands that in some circumstances it is difficult to return or renew your books on time. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are having difficulties – we want to help. You can telephone 0141 548 4444 or email

Further information about library fines can be found at

The following is a list of the circumstances in which we may waive fines, and what we will ask you to do in such cases. The list is not exhaustive, and we reserve the right to use our discretion in each individual case, and depending on the demand for books at the time the fines were accrued.

    • Illness
      If you are ill you should submit a medical certificate to Student Business. Library staff will check with Student Business, and waive fines accrued for the dates of the certificate if you have not been in the Library during this period.
    • Ongoing medical condition
      If medical certificates have been submitted previously for a condition which is ongoing Library staff may exercise discretion and waive some fines. However, we cannot continue to waive fines indefinitely, especially if the books are in high demand. If possible, you should make alternative arrangements for return e.g. return by post (proof of posting is advised), or ask a family member/friend to return items for you. You can also contact Disability Services, who will advise the Library if you require extended Short Loans.
    • Personal circumstances e.g. family illness
      Provide a letter or email from your department or from one of the University Support Services confirming exceptional personal circumstances – details of the circumstances aren’t necessary. Fines will be waived for the relevant dates if you have not been in the Library.
    • Bereavement
      Fines will be waived if you have not been in the Library.
    • Unforeseeable transport or weather related difficulties
      Fines will be waived if severe weather has closed the University or Library. If the Library is open fines may be waived, at the discretion of staff.
    • Books stolen
      Charges will be waived if you provide documentary evidence of a crime report.
    • First time you’ve been fined for a reserved item
      If you were unaware of the higher fines for reserved items we will waive the fine the first time this happens to you. Please speak to staff at the Enquiry Desk. However, next time you return a reserved book you will be expected to pay the fine if it is overdue.

Fines cannot be waived in the following circumstances:

    • Forgot book was due
      Books on loan are your responsibility and you should keep a note of due dates and times.
    • Book was reserved and you have already had fines waived for reserved items
      The reserved book fine waiver is only available once.
    • You have been ill, but have been in the Library when the book was overdue
      If you are coming into the Library for any reason you should bring all overdue books in for return/renewal.
    • Did not receive automatic reminder notification
      Automatic reminders are a courtesy. Books on loan are your responsibility and you should keep a note of due dates and times.
    • Unable to access online Library account
      You should contact the Library as soon as possible by telephone during staffed hours.
    • On holiday, on placement or abroad
      You should not borrow books if you know you will be unable to return them when they’re due. If books cannot be renewed (e.g. due to a reservation) they can be posted back to the Library (proof of posting is advised). Books should not be taken abroad.

If you’re having problems talk to us as soon as possible. We may be able to help!