Visitors to the Library

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You can apply for a visitor's pass to use the Andersonian Library for reference. Applications must be made in advance of your visit and you must show a special need to use the Library e.g. to consult material not held elsewhere. Due to restrictions of space we cannot grant access to the Andersonian Library to those only looking for a quiet place to study. The Library reserves the right to refuse admission.


Access, if granted, is only available for a short period during term time. Longer access can be granted in the Vacation period. For some applicants alternative forms of membership may be advised e.g. graduate membership, SCONUL membership. Access to electronic services is not permitted for visitors to the Library unless the visitors are alumni, in which case Walk in access may be requested.

How to apply

To apply for access to the Library please complete the Visitor Access Form.

Note that you must read and accept the University and Library regulations before your visitor application is processed.

You will receive a reply within five working days. If granted access you should bring a copy of the confirmation you receive and some photographic ID on your visit. Please check our opening hours - your first visit to the Andersonian Library must be during Library Service hours.