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The Maths Skills Support Centre provides academic support to all students who require help with the mathematics they encounter in their course. Staffed by Dr Peter Davidson and Mrs Sandra Houston, we will try to help you with any topic that you are struggling with. You can use our drop-in sessions to ask a quick question or to spend some time studying new or old material, while our Friday appointments can be used to get feedback on recent assessments or to discuss any issues in more depth.

Opening Times

We are now runing appointments only from 19th May during the summer months. 

Please email:

We will open drop-in in the 2 weeks prior to the resits. Exact dates to follow. 

If you're visiting the centre for the first time then we suggest you do so during one of our drop-in sessions. A follow-up appointment can then be made for future help.

Where are we?

Room LT308 in the Livingstone Tower.

Feel free to drop by or contact us to make an appointment.

What can we do for you?

Maths Skills Support Centre Image of one to one support 

Provide one-to-one support when you have difficulty understanding specific topics or lack confidence when using basic techniques.



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A place to study with experienced members of staff on-hand to provide help and assistance when required.



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A multitude of online resources that include summary notes, multiple choice quizzes and diagnostic tests.



The aims of the Maths Skills Support Centre

  • To assist students in developing fully their mathematical knowledge and skills and to help raise their mathematical confidence.
  • To provide a well-resourced dedicated facility to aid the mathematical needs of students from all disciplines.
  • To aid Departments who wish to refer students to the Centre when specific needs for tutorial or remedial work arise. Departments should email or phone us to discuss what level of support we can offer.


Our webpages:

Maths Resources

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Contact Information

Myplace Classes 

Appointments only from 19th May.

Email -

to arrange. 

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Get extra online help from our Myplace classes or use our Maths Resourses.

Myplace class on Numeracy Skills. This class is aimed at students undertaking aptitude tests as part of job applications.