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Jenny McGeough

Before the MBA, I was working for an engineering consultancy in London as a project manager in the communications and nuclear defence industries, responsible for projects with revenue of up to £3million.

Strathclyde Business School has an excellent reputation in Scotland and beyond with strong links to the business community. When researching schools for a full-time MBA, Strathclyde was my benchmark. Undertaking a cost-benefit analysis for schools with triple accreditation, Strathclyde emerged number one.

The diversity of the cohort gave me a chance to work in groups with students of many nationalities with varying professional backgrounds. Learning the social nuances and etiquette of many cultures was simultaneously challenging and invigorating.

The MBA cohort is extended a wealth of facilities including common room, a private library in the business school and rooms reserved for group work. The MBA support team is dedicated to the students and the smooth operation of the courses. The academic staff in the majority is of a very high calibre. In many cases they are considered the leaders in their field having written the course text book.

The work load is tough - prospective students should expect to work weekends. In the full time class you will quickly understand the term 'live and breathe the MBA'. However, immersing in your coursework with your classmates is an amazing opportunity that should be savoured; the year will fly by.

The elective courses in the final term were a highlight. I chose subjects that were away from my areas of expertise. These pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me challenge myself further; not only did I learn a great deal in these, but also had the opportunity to meet MBA students from the part time and international centres. There is also an option to attend a 'bonus', post-MBA elective in the two years following graduation.

I had planned to return to my previous organisation as I was on sabbatical. However the MBA careers service introduced me to an 'MBA' position at a prestigious FTSE 100 company. I started this role a few weeks after finishing the MBA and am thoroughly enjoying it.

I would absolutely recommend the programme. I advise students to come prepared to work hard and get involved with extra-curricular activities as much as possible. Finally, try not to be defensive of your ideas and presentations, you will learn and develop further if you welcome criticism from your team mates and the academics.

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