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Raymond Moh Wei Qun

I have always had a strong interest in technology and innovation, and have worked in both the public and private sectors. At the onset of my MBA with Strathclyde, I was involved in technology commercialisation in the national R&D agency and subsequently upscaled to spearhead several FinTech developments for Singapore. I am now the CEO of my own company, Hanalytics, an award-winning artificial intelligent (AI) company that specialises in using machine learning technologies to help doctors diagnose patients almost instantly and with high accuracy.

Typically, a professional in the technology field gravitates toward being a specialist in his or her career path. I see technology as an enabler (and a disruptor), and the ability to chart a direction for its use excites me. I chose to do an MBA to equip myself with the multi-faceted perspectives to lead a technology company successfully. Completing an MBA gives me the confidence, and hones my ability, to lead and run an organisation.

I chose Strathclyde Business School as it has an excellent global reputation in corporate strategy and entrepreneurship - such elements are critical in any industry where strategic innovations are key to sustainable results. The ample practical sessions guided by experienced instructors provided safe environments to translate concepts into action, thus reinforcing learning. In addition, the part-time arrangement further allows me to put teachings into practice at work, and discuss real work problems with my MBA mates to “crowdsource” solutions or perspectives. Such iterative process between work and study makes me a strong reflective practitioner. With this consistent training, today, I am able to empower my peers, and even people who are more senior than me, by provoking their thought process and reframing mindsets.

I am able to make full use of every module as they complement very well. The Managing People in Organisations module allows me to engineer a unique dual-command by the co-founders yet relatively flat hierarchy in our company so as not to stifle innovation.

Branding and marketing equip me with the framework to establish my own company brand from scratch. For example, our launch of Hanalytics Machine Learning Associate Program (MLAP) has become so popular in Singapore that we are able to attract top talent to our company, and poach experienced ones from MNCs. We are also featured in the national news for our creativity.

The Exploring International Business Environment module has equipped me with the rigour to consider multiple aspects when venturing overseas. This has allowed me to successfully expand my business into Beijing within a couple of months.

It can be challenging to juggle between work and studies. Nevertheless, the strong social support conferred by the academic staff and your MBA course-mates is both an excellent motivation source and a comfort zone after a long day at work. Associating with a collective group of knowledge-hungry professionals with a common objective to excel is a marvellous psychological push in your career pursuit.

Getting an MBA is not a paper chase, but a springboard to a new window of opportunity. Identify this window, and use the arsenal of educational weapons Strathclyde empowers you with, to navigate through it successfully and confidently.

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