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Flexible learning - beyond distance learning

For many people the hectic nature of today’s organisations means they often do not know where in the world they are going to be from week to week. People in this situation need an MBA programme that can allow them to direct their own studies while providing the level of support that an internationally recognised school can offer. Our response to this challenge is the Flexible Learning MBA.

The Flexible Learning MBA is unique in the balance it offers in two key areas. The first area is the balance between self study and group interaction. The core learning materials you'll receive in addition to textbooks are specifically written for practising managers by our teams of academics. Taken together with our class materials on our virtual learning environment, MyPlace, and support resources, those studying by flexible learning have all the tools needed to study subjects on their own. However, we believe that the heart of MBA learning lies in the conversations between experienced managers and we make strenuous efforts to encourage peer interaction and group learning. One way we achieve this is through the workshops and seminars at which you'll have the opportunity to meet with your peers.

These valuable networking opportunities are where associations and friendships are formed that continue by phone, chat, email and discussion group through, and beyond, the period of the programme.

The Flexible Learning MBA also allows a balance between a structured programme and allowing individual choice in the pace of study. To do this we work to a standard timetable that will see participants graduate in three years.

Our aim is to assist people in formulating a workable study plan that suits their circumstances. This has seen individuals accelerate their studies to graduate in just two years, or extend their studies to fit in with work commitments.

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