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Managing your Online Presence - Your Digital Footprint is the data that is available online about you, and your research.

Online Identity Management - A quick user guide for University of Strathclyde Staff

How can I maximise the reach of my research?

  • Publish in reputable journals
  • Publish in journals that allow self-archiving
  • Add your accepted manuscript to PURE on acceptance
  • Use social media to highlight your research
  • Keep your online profile up to date on University and School web pages
  • Always include university name in full (“University of Strathclyde, Glasgow”, not Strathclyde University or UoS)
  • Collaborate with top international universities
  • Spell your name consistently
  • Consider search engine optimisation (keywords)
  • Publish in journals with high impact factors

Does publishing open access make a difference?

  • Open access articles are read and cited more than articles published in subscription only journals
  • A link to an Open Access article can be accessed by all!


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