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Pure and Strathprints

Pure (Publications and Research) is the University's research information management system. This system is used to capture the research activities of the University, accessing various corporate systems to provide users with a single source of information.

Pure helps to collate and make sense of all different aspects of Research Activity happening throughout the University.

It stores information about your research, such as your publications, collaborators, datasets, impact, personal profiles, research projects and grants and the associations between them. It also used for external reporting returns, ADRs and more.

Pure will provide much of the information required for the Research Excellence Framework (REF), and is the entry point for Strathclyde’s Institutional Repository Strathprints.

Research Outputs that are uploaded to Pure are then made visible (after validation) in Strathprints and KnowledgeBase.

KnowledgeBase is the public web portal of Research outputs that are stored in Pure.

The Depositing Process

Instructions on how to deposit items in Pure that are then made available through Strathprints are available from the Pure Training web pages

Validation of Research Outputs - Publication State

The publications state allows you to choose the publication's different states and input the associated dates.

‘In Preparation’ and ‘Submitted’:  Items with either of these status are considered to be works in progress or items submitted to journals which have not yet been accepted for publication.  These items will not be validated by our team.  If these entries are submitted for validation whilst in preparation, the record state will be changed to ‘Entry in Progress’.

Accepted/In Press:  This status/date is the date on which the publication was accepted by the publisher.  This date is now a requirement for the HEFCE Open Access policy and therefore your paper will not be validated without it.  If this date has not been included in your record, a member of our team will contact you asking for this prior to validation.

E-pub ahead of print:  This is the date on which the item is made available online.  Items with this status/date will be considered for validation by our team.

Published: This is the status/date indicating when the item has been published.  Items with this status/date will be considered for validation by our team.

Unpublished:  This status is considered as an end of the process i.e., an item that will never formally be published but which an author would like to list.  These items will be validated.

Only ‘In Press’ and ‘Published’ items can be submitted to a research audit.