Major Pegasus database & system upgrade

Information for Staff

To support the release of a major upgrade to the Pegasus database and corporate application software, Pegasus and related services will be unavailable to users between:
  • Thursday 12th November from 17:00 until Monday 16th November 23:00

ISD apologise for any inconvenience caused and Information for Students is provided on a dedicated Student Web page.

Below is a list of services that will not be available and a list which are.

Services Unavailable

Pegasus – all self-service for Students, Staff and Applicants portals on Pegasus including

  • Admissions and selector Services 
  • Pegasus Web payments for Tuition and accommodation 
  • Payslips, P60s, HR personal services, ATAs, ADRs
  • Online registration for students and student self-service for Curriculum change requests
  • Student Curriculum management and progression e.g. Exam Boards 
Integrations between Pegasus corporate database and various systems: Myplace, Mobile App, RIMS, SUnBIRD, STATS, Neptune, Spider data loads. 
Back office systems for
  • Admissions and Student Records
  • HR Payroll
  • Student Accommodation
  • Student Ledger on FIN
  • Strathclyde Research Post Awards Management (SAM)
  • Knowledge Exchange

Password set and reset services

Pegasus software downloads


Services Available with alternate routes

Myplace is available for all teaching and learning and can be reached using the Myplace login

The following services will not be available on Myplace:

  • Marks return (Electronic Management of Assessment)
  • Student personalised timetables
  • Myplace App notifications
These require integrations with the central Student Records system.
Web site and CMS (T4) content system. Links to student applications services will be disabled.

Mobile App through data sources won’t be refreshed   

Visit the Windows Virtual Desktop to find the specialised software you need.

What is being upgraded?

The entire underlying infrastructure to support the Pegasus database and related application software is being upgraded. This includes new server hardware and operating systems for the database, application & web servers, application software technology and the version of the database and international character set.

The upgrade is essential to ensure our corporate systems are maintained on modern robust and supported platforms and reduce cybersecurity risks. The new platform will also provide opportunities going forward to provide responsive and web-accessible user interfaces on mobile platforms.


Myplace will be disconnected from the Pegasus database. Myplace will be available throughout the downtime period and no disruption to Myplace performance is expected

Students and staff will have full access to all day to day class resources and activities.

Personalised Class timetables and Mark return will not be available on Myplace as these rely on Pegasus integrations.

Strathclyde Mobile App

The maintenance also means that the Strathclyde Mobile App can’t refresh data sources over this time, however, students will receive app notifications in advance. This will tell students to make sure they have the most recent version of the app and have logged out and back in within the last few days and to cache services. Students may also want to take a screenshot as a backup of their timetable

Push notifications to the App from Myplace will not be available over the downtime period (e.g. for class cancellations). A student web page with signposts to alternate routes to information will be made available on the App, Myplace and Pegasus over the downtime period.


SUnBIRD will be available and accessible.

SUnBIRD reloads cannot happen during the downtime period when source systems are unavailable. We aim to reload all SUnBIRD datamarts as soon as possible once the source systems are available.

Website, FMS & other systems

The corporate Website, FMS and other systems for research (PURE), Class Timetabling, Disability will remain operational with the exception of data integrations or links to the corporate database.