Supplier Workflow explained

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This section will provide some detail on the process a new supplier request goes through before they are approved onto the system.

The initial request for a new supplier is completed on FMS by the department.  The request enters the workflow and is routed to Procurement for the first check.    If the request is accepted by Procurement then the full supplier details are obtained by Finance in order to complete the supplier master file record on FMS.  The details such as payment and contact information are checked by Finance before making the supplier ‘active’.  Once this is complete, the supplier is then ready to use on FMS.  The requester will receive an email notifying that the supplier is available on FMS.


There are a few workflow stages for the new supplier request process after it is approved by Procurement.  Once you submit a new supplier request it follows the below workflow

  • Procurement check
  • Finance supplier admin check
  • Finance due diligence check
  • Finance final check.

You can check the status of your supplier adoption request using the ‘workflow enquiry – supplier’ function on FMS.  The workflow map gives a full audit trail of where your request is and when it was last approved.  

Full instructions on how to use the workflow enquiry can be found on the FMS training guidance manual (page 15 onwards)

Suppliers and Purchases Tutor Led Manual v 1.0