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Framework Agreements

There are currently various National, Regional and Local Framework Agreements in place that have been negotiated by, or on behalf of, the University Procurement Services team.  Should you wish any additional information regarding framework agreements then please contact the UPS team. 

The Available Framework Agreements for Use contains details of the Framework Agreements available for the University to access. In addition, further information on some of the Framework Agreements can be found below. 

Should you have any additional requirements not covered by any of the agreements below please contact a member of the UPS team.



These include: 


Confidential Waste Disposal (shredding)

External Design Services

Mobile Phones

Multi Functional Devices (All in one photocopying, printing, scanners and faxes)

Postal and Courier Services

Safety Spectacles

Recruitment of Temporary, Interim & Permanent Staff Framework Agreements

Taxi Hire

Travel & Hotel Accommodation

Vehicle Hire

Water Cooler Contract

Events, Conferences & Media Production

Interpreting, Translation and Transcription Services

Audio Visual Equipment & Installations

Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Chemicals


Information and Communications Technology


For advice on requirements and where to buy, please email Kenneth Carlin or David Waddell   The following framework agreements are available for use in relation to ICT goods and services.


Scottish Government National IT Peripherals Framework Agreement

Ref SP-17-021 - Valid Until 13th March 2020 - COMPUTACENTER

This is a single supplier framework agreement for IT peripherals, AV and networking.  The contracted supplier is Computacenter (UK) Ltd and they are available on FMS punchout.  If your requirement is not available from FMS punchout or for enquiries please contact Quotations can be provided by emailing


HEPCW Computer Equipment Using an Apple Operating System Framework Agreement

Ref ITS6003-HW - Valid Until 31st March 2019 


Preferred Call

off Mechanism


Lot 1 - Supply and support of devices running

natively the OSX and iOS operating systems

and related peripherals and software.






1st Ranked - Academia

2nd Ranked - XMA

3rd Ranked - Insight Direct

4th Ranked - Stone Computers

Lot 2 - Supply and support of devides running

natively te OSX and iOS operating systems and

related peripherals, software and provision of

value added services.





1st Ranked - Academia

2nd Ranked - XMA

3rd Ranked - Insight Direct

4th Ranked - Stone Computers


Academia Patrycja Marjanska 01992 703900
Insight Direct

Gordon Rena

Pete Wood

0844 6928649 

0844 6928640

Stone Computers Craig Caption  01785 786888



Andy Sutherland

General Enquiries

01727 201860

01727 201860











Disposal of IT and Computer Equipment

University contract information -


Availability of Software

Software available for download is accessable through pegasus within the Information Services area.


Details of framework agreements can be found on the Contracts Register

Please contact your Departmental/Faculty Computer Officer first for advice on products and specifications and to ensure you follow internal procedures prior to selection/ordering and further advice and assistance if required is available via Information Services staff. (Helpdesk ext.4000) and also on the Information Services web site.


Confidential Waste Disposal (Shredding).

Award of Contract for Confidential Waste Management Services

Please be advised that the University has recently awarded a new contract with Shredall Ltd. For any future confidential waste requirements could you please use them as the supplier. The link below will provide full details of the new contract.

Confidential Waste website

Any issues or further queries please contact Procurement.


External Design Services

The University currently has in-house facilities that provide design services, including the University Print Services and Development & Innovation’s Enhanced Web Development Service (EWDS).

If your requirement cannot be met in-house please contact Procurement: 

University PRINT SERVICES should be contacted in the first instance with regards to all design requirements. Where bespoke web development work and/or web hosting is required contact EWDS in the first instance.

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Mobile Phones.


EE (Everything Everywhere) is currently available on the new Finance Management System (FMS) under supplier ID: 4001535 however please note that only monthly BILLS invoices can be paid via this supplier profile. 

Invoices for any EQUIPMENT, i.e. handsets, accessories and associated with these credit notes must be paid to a seperate EE supplier profile: EE EQUIPMENT with a supplier ID 4002139 

Failure to file invoices to the wrong EE profile will cause wrong allocation of funds at EE's side and by this your invoices will be marked as unpaid and chased up for payment.

The University network provider is EE

To request an order for a new and/or upgrade mobile to be placed, please email

 To cancel a current contract please email


All handsets that have been replaced with an upgraded phone and/or handsets from terminated contracts MUST be handed back to the Procurement Department:

Procurement Department, 40 George Street, Level 6 Suite GH654, Glasgow, G1 1QE

You should contact the supplier DIRECT for:

-  Account related issues

-  Handset issues

-  Billing issues

-  Lost/stolen/faulty handsets - MUST be reported direct to the supplier within 24 hours from the incident by the mobile phone user (who should be prepared to answer the specific questions about the mobile phone account), to comply with the terms and conditions of the insurance cover. 

General enquiries

158 from EE mobile

0800 079 0201 from any landline

Billing queries

165 from EE mobile

07973 100 349 from any landline

To obtain technical assistance and advice on how to use your mobile phone, please contact the supplier on the above number in the first instance and refer to your mobile user guide.

To obtain IT assistance for smartphones providing an email facility, please contact IT Helpdesk, ext. 4000. 

All Mobile Devices - International use when travelling abroad

Please note that all Mobile users must buy a data roaming bundle if they wish to use their phone for connecting to the Internet while abroad. This is to avoid extremely high data charges which are incurred by users by using their devices abroad at the standard data roaming rates. 

Contact if you wish to have a bundle activated. Please allow a minimum of 5 working days for your request to be processed.

It is the responsibility of the user to control the status of data used abroad as EE do not provide any alerts to notify the account holders when they reach the bundle limit and the user becomes then liable for any extra charges.

Therefore we strongly recommend that you use your device via the Wi-Fi mode whenever possible and only switch to network broadband when absolutely necessary.


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Multi Functional Devices (All in one photocopying, printing, scanners and faxes)

The University’s awarded supplier for Multi-Functional Devices (MFD) is Ricoh UK Ltd.

All new MFDs should be obtained via this supplier to ensure best value is obtained and the fleet is rationalised across campus.

The Ricoh agreement includes the provision of support, toner and the required MFD software.

Where a new device is required, please consult your faculty IT representative to ensure the most appropriate device is requested.

Further details can be obtained on request from

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Postal and Courier Services

The Univeristy is utilising the NEUPC Framework for Post, Courier and Internation Mail Services - Reference number: PMR2001NE. DHL Express Ltd provide the following courier services:

  • 24/48/72 Hour Services
  • International and Inbound Services
  • Dangerous Goods Services
  • International airmail

Please contact Amanda Bridge - to set up a depatment account with DHL.


The rates from the courier companies offer only nominal cover (e.g. a partial refund of the service charge) against loss or damage and nothing whatsoever for consequential loss. It is therefore essential that separate and adequate insurance cover be taken out if a valuable item is being sent to any UK or Overseas destination.

This can be arranged under the University's Goods in Transit Policy by notifying the Finance Office (Accounts Section) of the nature and value of the goods, where they are being sent and the date(s) during which they will be in transit.


It is strictly illegal to send certain classes of materials via the Royal Mail and normal courier service providers therefore Dangerous or Hazardous Substances must be sent via a specialist contractor - DHL Express Ltd.

Persons requiring to forward any unusual or hazardous goods or substances are recommended to seek advice from their Departmental Safety Convener and/or University Safety Services in the first instance.


If you have any further questions regarding courier services please contact 


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Safety Prescription Spectacles

Prescription Safety Spectacle Procedures

1. Uvex prescription form issued by supervisor/ line manager and given to employee. This is in 5 parts (back copy to be retained by University) if using the Paper Copy.  However, we recommend departments use the online Uvex portal to populate this information.  Please contact Procurement on with your name, location, contact details and job title to gain access to this.

2. Form to be taken to Optical Express at St Enoch Centre (address below).  Eye test carried out and appropriate frame to be selected from range agreed by University.

3. Optician will complete form and return to Uvex for manufacture (back copy of form retained by optician).

4. Uvex cost the job and advise the department by email of the amount.

5. Department to receive authorisaton and if approved raise order number on Arco punchout site

6. Email order number to Uvex.

7. Safety spectacles will be manufactured by Uvex and completed spectacles will be returned direct to optician.  Optician will contact wearer and arrange appointment for final fitting and dispensing.

8. An invoice covering all costs of obtaining the safety spectacles will be submitted by Arco direct to the finance department.

A Suitable Lens Material for Wearers Application Must Be Specified –

  • Polycarbonate – EN166F – Highest level of impact resistance (not suitable for tasks requiring goggles).
  • CR39 – EN166S – Low level of impact protection.  Suitable for dust or splash protection.


Frame repairs sent back to Uvex – copy of original form.


Optical Express offer a free eye test and it is recommended to go to this optician.

  • Optical Express, St. Enoch Centre, Glasgow, Tel: 0141 221 3939

Safety Spectacles Price List 2012/13  

For further information regarding procedures for ordering your prescription safety spectacles please contact your departmental supervisor or Brad Cooper on  or telephone 0141 548 2270. Return to Index


Taxi Hire.

The current contract with Glasgow Taxis Ltd (formerly Glasgow Wide TOA) is used by all HE Institutions in the Glasgow area.  This is the only recommended Taxi Company to the University under a joint agreement with University of Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian University.   This scheme provides the facility to set up departmental accounts with the supplier which are authorised using account names, pin numbers and passwords.  Full information is provided on the contract here:  Glasgow Taxis Ltd Agreement


Should you require further information please contact


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Recruitment of Temporary, Interim & Permanent Staff Framework Agreements

Recruitment of Temporary and Interim Agency Staff  (excludes permanent and fixed term recruitment)

When a department has a requirement to recruit temporary agency staff the

following framework agreements should be considered in the first instance; 

 1.  The Scottish Government Framework Agreement for Temporary & Interim

     Staff Services - Valid Until April 2019



Call Off Mechanism


Lot 3 - Temp Admin West

Framework Ref SP-13-18




Direct award in order of

supplier ranking.




1st Ranked - Pertemps

2nd Ranked - Brightwork

3rd Ranked - ASA



Lot 6 - Temp Catering & Manual West

Framework Ref SP-13-021



Direct award in order of

supplier ranking.



1st Ranked - Pertemps

2nd Ranked - Brightwork

3rd Ranked - ASA


Lot 7 - Interim Professional Staff

Framework Ref SP-13-022


Mini Competition Only. Wider

candidate Search


Harvey Nash, ASA &

Parity Professionals 


Lot 8 - Interim IT Staff

Framework Ref SP-13-023


Mini Competition Only. Wider

candidate Search


Harvey Nash, Parity Professionals &

Spring Technology Staffing


SupplierContactTelephone    Email




Hilary Bisset



0131 226 6222






Emma Clift

Gary Brabender


0141 272 8123

0141 272 8132





Lorna Gebbie

Alan Paterson


0141 248 6020



Lots 7 & 8



Please contact Procurement

for mini competition


0141 548 4451



Temporary staff can be available in 48 hours.  Please either indicate an hourly  wage rate, an hourly rate range or provide a spec. for the Supplier to determine the hourly wage rate. The rate of commission is fixed.  University staff should request a breakdown of the total hourly rate payable for the temporary worker.  A finders fee will apply if agency staff are made perminent within 12 weeks.  After 12 weeks in the same job, agency staff are entitled to the same terms and conditions of employment as University staff.


2. The Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) Framework

    Agreement Ref: PFB4026 SU - Temporary Agency Staffing Services -

    Valid Until September 2018 



Call off Mechanism


Lot 1 - Administration & Clerical Roles









Ranked, desktop exercise or

mini competition








1st Ranked - Blue Arrow

2nd Ranked - Adecco Group

3rd Ranked - Brook Street

4th Ranked - Manpower

5th Ranked - Search Consultancy

6th Ranked - Hays

7th Ranked - Pertemps

8th Ranked - Reed


Lot 2 - Ancillary Roles

(Hard & Soft FM, Trades, Nursery &

Occupational Health)





Ranked, desktop exercise or

mini competition






1st Ranked - Blue Arrow

2nd Ranked - Adecco Group

3rd Ranked - Manpower

4th Ranked - Reed

5th Ranked - Pertemps

6th Ranked - Hays


Lot 3 - Corporate Function Staff

(Finance, HR & Marketing)








Ranked, desktop exercise or

mini competition








1st Ranked - Adecco Group

2nd Ranked - Manpower

3rd Ranked - Hays

4th Ranked - Steria Group

5th Ranked - Reed

6th Ranked - Pertemps

7th ranked - Kate+Co

8th Ranked - Allen Lane


 Lot 4 - IT Funcitons Staff










Ranked, desktop exercise or

mini competition









1st Ranked - Adecco Group

2nd Ranked - Certes Computing

3rd Ranked - Hays

4th Ranked - LA International

5th Ranked - Steria Group

6th Ranked - Experis

7th Ranked - Reed

8th Ranked - Abatec



Lot 5 - Master Vendor System

(one stop shop)




Ranked, desktop exercise or

mini competition




1st Ranked - Adecco Group

2nd Ranked - Manpower

3rd Ranked - Hays

4th Ranked - Steria Group


Lot 6 -Neutral Vendor System

(one stop shop or

one supplier maintains relationships

with incumbent suppliers)

Ranked, desktop exercise or

mini competition



1st Ranked - Infinity Recruitment

2nd Ranked - De Poel

3rd Ranked - Steria Group


Lot 7 - Talent Bank System

(Student Body, Alumini & Local




Ranked, desktop exercise or

mini competition




 1st Ranked - De Poel

2nd Ranked - Adecco Group

3rd Ranked - Keystone


4th Ranked - Hays



Abatec Richard Buchanan 01934 635025
Adecco Group Jess Hardie 07834 618403

Allen Lane



Andy Thomas



02030 319624

07769 588377



Blue Arrow Jan Lacy 07738 035162

Brook Street


Rob McSherry


01727 848292

07515 325049 


Certes Computing Amy Williams 01675 468949  

De Poel


laire Barker


01565 682020

07812 737436




Daniel Masters


02031 220200

07843 516036


Hays Spec Rec All

Infinity Recruitment


Carl Wale


01594 888682

07894 561479


Kate & Co


Sarah Grace


01217 050077

07818 793658


Keystone Emp. Group


Malcolm Paice


02033 846496

07703 396669


LA International


David Barnes

Craig Smith

01782 203040

Manpower Lucy Flint 01895 205200
Pertemps Jason Hooper 01179 226500

Reed Specialist


Clare McCarthy

02076 325763

07712 880310

Search Consultancy



Jackie Lang

Adele Coates


01512 295566

07733 361557


Sopra Steria Group


Doug Powell


01189 847176

07872 678440








 3. Advanced Procurement for Universities & Colleges (APUC) Framework

    Agreement Ref: PFB1020 AP - Executive and Senior Strategic

    Search & Recruitment Services -

    Valid Until April 2020 (permanent/fixed term roles) 



Call off Mechanism


Lot 1 - Executive/Senior Academic

Roles - Scottish Institutions




Ranked, mini competition or

desktop exercise




1st Ranked - Veredus

2nd Ranked - Perret Laver

3rd Ranked - Saxton Bampfylde

4th Ranked - GatenbySanderson Ltd

5th Ranked - Aspen People Ltd

Lot 3 - Professional Services Director

Roles - Scottish Institutions




Ranked, mini competition or

desktop exercise 




1st Ranked - Veredus

2nd Ranked - Perret Laver

3rd Ranked - Hays Specialist Recruitment Ltd

4th Ranked - Saxton Bampfylde

5th Ranked - GatenbySanderson Ltd

Lot 5 - Senior Professional Roles -

Scottish Institutions






Ranked, mini competition or

desktop exercise 






1st Ranked - Harvey Nash Group Plc

2nd Ranked - Badenoch & Clark

3rd Ranked - Aspen People Ltd

4th Ranked - HRL2 Ltd T/A Change

Recruitment Group

5th Ranked - TMP Worldwide

6th Ranked - Hays Specialist Recruitment Ltd

Lot 7 - Internaitonal Roles in

Oversees Campus Locations -

Scottish Institutions



Ranked, mini competition or

desktop exercise




1st Ranked - Perrett Laver

2nd Ranked - Saxton Bampfylde

3rd Ranked - Witt/Kieffer Ccentric

4th Ranked - SearchHigher

5th Ranked - Society Ltd

Lot 9 - Longer term Strategic

Partnership - Scottish Institutions



Ranked, mini competition or

desktop exercise




1st Ranked - Perrett Laver

2nd Ranked - Veredus

3rd Ranked - Witt/Kieffer Ccentric

4th Ranked - SearchHigher

5th Ranked - GatenbySanderson Ltd


Aspen People Ltd Donogh O'Brien 0141 212 7555
Badenoch & Clark Scott Miller 0141 220 6460
Executive Headhunters Ltd Alison Ryan 0207 160 6996
GatenbySanderson Ltd Juliet Taylor 0207 426 3990

Harvey Nash Group -

Scotland (Lot 5)

Graham Mcnaull


0207 426 3990


Harvey Nash Group Plc

(Lots 2 & 6)

Anne Esler


0207333 1818


Hays Specialist Recruitment Ltd

Susan Walker 0131 603 8370

HRL2 Ltd T/A Change

Recruitment Group

Lynn Fairservice


0141 226 3101


Perret Laver Rodger Russell 02073 829 9765
Saxton Bampfylde Jamie Wasley 0207 227 0858
SearchHigher Mark Holleran 0247 652 2050
Society Limited Gareth Duxbury 0203 653 0474
TMP Worldwide Sandra Innes 0131 344 4346

Paula Kyprian

James Greengrass

0207 932 4284

0207 932 4286

Witt/Kieffer Centric Natalie Derry 0131 248 2498

 How the Agreement Operates

There is a flat fee within each lot that is dependant on the salary band. Services include;                                    

  • Comprehensive full search service to appointment
  • Part service to include research and production of longlist
  • Part service to include pre-screening, shortlisting and interviewing
  • Part service to include the recruitment process management
  • through to appointment Campaign management
  • Managed job portal/microsites/careers webpage management
  • Advertisement management, placement, copy writing & design
  • Management of assessment techniques, ensuring reliability and validity of methods used as part of the selection process.


Please contact for enquiries relating to recruitment. 

Departments should also ensure that they make themselves familiar with the Agency Worker Regulations (2010). Full details can be found on the HR Policies and Procedures section of the website; policies_hr_main.

Strathclyde University HR department also facilitate a recruitment process for temporary and full time members of staff.   The HR process advertises job roles over a number of online media platforms for individual candidate application.  If a department wishes to source candidates/CV’s via recruitment agencies, they should utilise the Temp and Interim staff frameworks noted above.  Full details of the HR process can be found on the Strathclyde webpage noted below.

Travel & Hotel Accomodation.

Should you have any travel requirements, please contact your Department Travel booker or Procurement coordinator who can arrange to book your this through a travel management company.


Preferential rates are available from Key Travel. 

Key Travel Contact Details



Any enquiries please contact

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Rail Travel

If you would like to be added onto the Scotrail Business Travel portal. Please email asking to be set up.

Once your details have been forwarded onto the Scotrail Business Team, and you will shortly receive an automated message from Scotrail with your login details and instructions for activating your account. Please allow 24hrs for this email to arrive. If you do not receive your email after this, please contact Procurement Enquiries.

Key Travel Documents

Key Travel Online User Guide

Vehicle Hire

A new inter-regional agreement for short-term vehicle hire was put in place by the English North West and North East Universities Purchasing Consortia and adopted as best value for money for the Scottish HE/FE sector by APUC in Nov 2012.   



It is absolutely essential that adequate insurance cover be taken out in respect of all vehicle hires.  As a general rule, it is recommended that cover s be purchased from the hiring company for all short-term hires i.e. up to 14 days.  Where a car is being hired for a longer period, it may be more economical to ask the Finance Office (Accounts Section) to add the vehicle temporarily to the University's Vehicle Insurance Policy.  All hiring company insurance policies carry an excess amount  and any damage incurred during the period of the hire will result in a charge to the department.  This is unlikely to be less than £100 and could be considerably more. There are also age restrictions on all drivers - usually 21 years.

Driving Licences:

Where a vehicle is being hired for the first time, the company will require sight of the driver(s) license(s) prior to release of the vehicle. This will not normally be necessary on repeat hires unless a different driver is involved and/or a previous driver has incurred Penalty Points for motoring offences. IMPORTANT: it is the legal responsibility of the driver to ensure that the hiring company is informed of any Penalty Points and/or changes to his/her licence. There is also a responsibility for the individual to inform their Head of Department and the Finance Office.

Important Update 08/06/15

Changes to the UK Driving Licence will be introduced on the 8th June 2015; as a consequence, drivers are required to provide additional detail to Car Hire providers when arranging this service provision.  Further information on these changes can be found on the DVLA website ::

Enterprise have confirmed they will not be introducing driver checks for the first 3 months and only require the photo part of the licence to support car hire.   

Arnold Clark require the check-code or licence summary from the 8th June 2015-  full co-operation is required from any Driver requiring Arnold Clark Insurance. Please remember, if you are booking in advance, the driver will need to ensure that they supply Arnold Clark with a valid pass code i.e. a pass code initiated less than 72 hours prior to the start of the hire.

Inspection of Vehicles:

The paperwork delivered with each vehicle includes a condition diagram or checklist and this should identify all known damage. It is however recommended that the driver performs a thorough check as soon as possible after delivery. Any damage not appearing on the Report should be notified in writing to the company prior to finally accepting the hire.

Pricing and other information: The suppliers are as follows:

Arnold Clark - Account Number 9910288

Enterprise - or Iain.d./

Thrifty -

Purchase orders should be raised in FMS for all vehicle hire.

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Water Cooler Contract

Angel Springs T/A Waterlogic UK, is the contracted supplier for all water coolers to the University of Strathclyde.  Providing mains fed or bottled water coolers, cold and ambient or  hot and cold, desktop or freestanding.  They also supply specialist high volume or hot products only, but advice must be sought from Maureen McMillian beforehand.


The University recommend installing Waterlogic 2500 dispensers which come in a floor standing or desk top model.

The annual cost includes installation, maintenance, twice yearly sanitization and all breakdowns. The contract will be billed on an annual basis. 

  • Cool Water Cooler  £144 per annum
  • Hot and Cold Water Cooler £144 per annum

For new installations please first contact the Estates helpdesk on or by telephone on 0141 548 2164 to ensure you have an available water supply where you wish the cooler to be installed.

Once a water supply has been established, the next step is to send your request to Sharon Fanning/Maureen McMillan, the request should include: Location, type of machine, a contact name and telephone number for installation purposes.  Must also include budget/sub project code.


For removals or resites please contact Procurement Enquiries within Procurement by email . For all correspondence, please ensure account and serial number of cooler are within the subject header line.

Please do not contact the supplier directly for these types of requests.


For any maintenance requirements please call 0845 600 1845 or  Please ensure you have your account number and serial number ready to quote.   Serial number is on the back of the machine.

Waterlogic Contract Manager Contact

Sharon Fanning - Key Account Manager Email:

Tel: 07788 145 226 (not for water deliveries or service issues, as have dedicated resource for this)

 Short term Water Cooler Hire

Bottled water may still be required on a short term basis for conferences, meetings etc, in locations where mains fed coolers are not accessible.  Costs are as follows

Sanitisation - £12 per quarter for sanitisation (includes free rental however may be additional charges if parts are required)

Bottled Water - £4.50 per bottle

No bottle deposits

To order bottled water, please contact

Email –


Events, Conferences & Media Production

When a department has a requirement to organise events the following framework agreement should be considered in the first instance; 

Scottish Government Framework Agreement

Provision of Events & Video Production Services -  Valid Until 30th June 2021


This agreement provides services in the areas of event management, exhibition Management, and technical audio visual and video productions as below.

  • Delivery of high quality professionally managed events;

  • Maximising income generation opportunities through sponsorship provision;

  • Responsibility and delivery of all project management tasks associated with the events including liaison with key stakeholders, Partners and staff where appropriate;

  • Project manage the design, build and life cycle management of Collaborative Partner’s exhibition displays;

  • To protect and enhance the Collaborative Partner’s brand and corporate image in large scale events;

  • To assist in meeting Collaborative Partner’s exhibition objectives and opportunities;

  • Ensure Corporate image is protected and maintained across all audio visual content (presentations, video, podcasts etc);

  • Provide audio visual support services to key events and exhibitions either in a main contractor or sub-contractor role; and Professionally produced and delivered audio visual support;

  • Programme development and production;

  • Un-compressed fully digital non-linear on-line editing from a high definition format that delivers to the current BBC technical standards.

  • Compressed off-line editing with editor;

  • The provision of computer graphics for titles and captions from packages such as Adobe Creative suite;

  • 3D or 2D effects and compositing; and

  • Providing media production support at events and conferences.  



Preferred Call off




Event Management







Ranked or

Mini Competition






1st Ranked - Metro Boradcast

t/a Metro Ecosse

2nd Ranked - Arteus Limited

3rd Ranked - Speakeasy

Productions Ltd

4th Ranked - Mclcreate Ltd

5th Ranked - Freakworks Ltd




Arteus Limited David Jackson 0141 420 0900
Freakworks Limited Hamish Allison 0131 555 3456
MCL Create Limited Ken Robertson 0131 314 0650
Metro Ecosse Ross Mackie 0131 314 4003
Speakeasy Productions Limited Jonathan Young 0131 557 1288










For further information or enquiries please contact

Interpreting, Translation & Transcription Services

Interpreting, Translation and Transcription Services

When a faculty or department have a requirement for these services that is above £25,000 for the liftime of the contract, please contact  

Please specify when the requirement includes British Sign Language and translation for publication purposes as these are more specialist services.


Audio Visual Equipment and Installations

Audio Visual Equipment and Installations

For advice and equipment requests please contact the University Learning Spaces Support Manager.  The following framework agreement should be considered in the first instance.  

The APUC Framework Agreement for the Supply, Design & Installation of Energy Efficient Audio-Visual Equpment

Ref: AV1017 AP Valid until October 2020

The call off mechanism is by direct award to Mediascape Ltd, by desktop calculator or by mini competition.  Please contact for further informaiton.




The University has awarded the contract for Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Chemicals to – - Fluorochem Limited for Lot 1 Deuterated Solvents - Fisher Scientific UK Ltd for Lot 3 General Chemicals and Solvents

This contract is available through these suppliers on FMS Punch-Out. The pricing schedules submitted at the tender process are available from Procurement. For any future Laboratory Chemicals requirements could you please use them as the supplier. Any issues or further questions please contract Procurement - or

Lot 1 Deuterated Solvents - Fluorochem Limited

This includes

  • Acetone (deut)
  • Benzene (deut)
  • Deuterated Chloroform
  • Di-methylsulphoxide (deut)
  • Oxide (deut)
  • Tetra Hydrafuran (deut)



Lot 3 General Chemicals and Solvents - Fisher Scientific UK Ltd

 This includes but is not limited to –

  • Acetone
  • Ethanol
  • Acetonitrile
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Diethyl ether
  • Hexane hplc
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Methanol
  • Methylene Chloride
  • 40/60 Pet Ether
  • Acetonitrile HPLC
  • Sodium Chloride


 Please note cut of time for next day orders with Fisher Scientific is 2pm the day before.