Conduct Interviews On Campus

Making arrangements

The Careers Service can provide you with interview rooms on campus. It is more cost effective at the first interview stage to send one or two interviewers here than to pay travel and overnight expenses for individual students. We charge £100.00 + VAT per room per day including tea and coffee or £60.00 + VAT for half a day.  

Please note that when organising your interview schedules that the Careers Service does not open until 9am and closes at 5pm, therefore interviews should be scheduled to start no earlier than 9.15am and finish no later than 4.45pm

A member of the Careers Service staff will be on hand to meet you and ensure that your visit runs smoothly.

Our central location means that you can travel easily from main line railway stations and from the airport.


Contact Donella McGrattan for more information or to make a booking on 0141-548-3912.