Partnership with EmployAbility

As a Next Generation Inclusive University, disability inclusion is at the heart of who we are. We have partnered with EmployAbility so our students and graduates can access support and advice for a barrier-free recruitment process.

In this short video (4:09) Tab Ahmad, Founder and CEO of EmploAbility, describes the support they offer neurodivergent and disabled students and graduates and how to access it.

Students and Graduates

We partner with EmployAbility because disability inclusion is about every individual. If you have a neurodiversity, mental health condition or another disability and would like personalised, free support getting on the career ladder, you can speak to an adjustments expert who will take the time to understand exactly how you are impacted, advise you on the best package of adjustments, speak to a potential employer on your behalf, and work with you to help you get the career you deserve. 

Speak to us or contact a member of the team directly at or register now with EmployAbility, to access free support and advice. 

Here are some examples of how EmployAbility can support you:

  • If your mental health condition, neurodiversity or other disability has impacted your grades, you’ve had gaps in your education, or haven’t been able to get work experience, you may need advice about how to explain this when making job applications. EmployAbility can help you explain these differences positively to potential employers, ensuring you get the adjustments you need, whilst protecting your privacy

  • If your disability has impacted your grades or work experience, EmployAbility can speak to employers on your behalf, requesting they change their initial criteria as a reasonable adjustment

  • If you have a non visible disability such as a neurodiversity or mental health condition, you are entitled to adjustments during interviews. EmployAbility can speak to a potential employer on your behalf so that interviewers do not make wrong assumptions and hold behaviours against you which are linked to your condition
  • Students and graduates with disabilities have generally had to show greater resilience to get to where they are. EmployAbility can explain to you how you can use this to your advantage in answering competency and interview questions

  • If you have a disability and have been invited to a job interview, you are entitled to ask for that interview to be in a different format. This can be helpful for those with physical disabilities, neurodiversity, long-term health conditions and mental health conditions. EmployAbility can talk to any employer on your behalf to ensure you get the adjustments you need

  • EmployAbility works with Next Generation Inclusive Employers, running insight days, workshops, first year programmes, internships, graduate programmes and scholarships. If you have a disability and are interested in working for an organisation such as Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bird & Bird, FCA or similar, take a look at EmployAbility’s opportunities. You will be personally supported through the application process to give you the best chance of success

  • A potential employer can’t ask you about your disability, neurodiversity or mental health condition during the recruitment process. Nor do you have to tell them or send evidence in order to get adjustments. To understand more about your rights and protections under the Equality Act, take a look at this webinar by our disability partner EmployAbility

  • Asking for adjustments during the recruitment process can be extremely stressful. If you think you might need adjustments but don’t know what or how to ask for these, you can speak to our disability partner EmployAbility who can advise you, and speak to the employer on your behalf

  • The adjustments you need for a recruitment process can be different from those at university. If you would like to speak to an adjustments expert for free support and advice, you can contact our disability partner, EmployAbility, for a confidential discussion


If you would like to learn more about EmployAbility they have a section on their website dedicated to employers which includes FAQs and the option to sign up for their newsletter.

You are also welcome to contact us