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Having the opportunity to work abroad is great for your personal development and your CV. Employers will be impressed with the fact that you have managed to live in a different culture, use your initiative, develop your independence and enhance your communication skills.

A wide range of summer internships in Europe are available along with funding for you to work or train in Europe during or immediately after your degree. This Summer Opportunities Presentation by Strathclyde’s Exchange Team provides further information.

Saltire Foundation Undergraduate Internship Programme




ELSA (Law traineeships in Europe)






  • Meddeas language assistant programme

Vulcanus - Industrial Placements in Japan

British Council - Teach Abroad as an English Language Assistant

Engineers Without Borders

ELSA (Law)

Yummy Jobs (Hospitality opportunities in the USA)

Europa - traineeships for students

See our section on:  Voluntary work abroad

Going Global Worldwide

International Graduate Jobs (Prospects website) - Jobseekers can search for "Internships/Placements".

EURES is the European Job Mobility Portal.

ESPO youtube video - what an EU career is really like

The FCO website gives up to date travel advice for British travellers.

The UK Government Travel Aware campaign aims to help British people to stay safe and healthy abroad.

Questions to ask before you accept work overseas.

An opportunity to live abroad as a student is the most important, eye-opening and life-enhancing experience you can have. You learn things that transform you into a ‘Global Graduate’ - a young person with global skills like languages, travel experience and cross-cultural understanding.

Going Global 

Global Placement

Jobs Online (from the Careers Group, University of London)

Seasonal Work New Zealand

Global Graduates  The Global Graduates website will help you find out about the global opportunities available to you in your holidays, during your degree and after you graduate and includes listings of internships, traineeships and jobs from companies looking for young people who want to use their global skills in their careers.

Careers Resource Centre has reference books to assist students interested in working abroad

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