Survey of Graduate Destinations

Destinations of 2015 Completers

Executive Summary


  • At Strathclyde, nearly 76% of full time first degree completers were in full time work [1]
  • The members of the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) stated that graduate vacancies were predicted to grow by 13.2% for the 2014-15 season.  This was attributed to the market being in a period of sustained growth.[4]
  • At Strathclyde, of all those in employment, 73% were in graduate level occupations
  • 16.9% of completers from Strathclyde were in further study
  • The unemployment rate of Strathclyde full time first degree completers, six months after finishing their course was 3.8%, down by 4.2% on the previous year
  • The national DLHE survey reported that Scottish graduates from 2014/15 had an unemployment rate of 5%, which is the same as the unemployment rate for UK graduates [1]
  • Scottish unemployment stood at 5.8% for the 2015 period [3] and the UK figure [2] was 5.5%. Youth unemployment in June 2015 was 16.1% for the UK, with the Scottish figure being 14.3% in the same period
  • At Strathclyde, a total of 7605 graduate level vacancies were advertised via the Careers Service in the academic year 1st Aug 2014 – 31st July 2015, which compares to 9301 in the academic year 2013-14


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