Postgraduate Researchers


Welcome to our pages specifically for postgraduate researchers.

We work closely with colleagues in the researcher development programme and with individual schools and faculties to provide a service closely matched to the needs of postgraduate researchers. You can read more about us, our mission, and our service standards on the About Us page.

Whether you are in the early part of your research or nearing the end, taking steps to plan and prepare for your future career should be part of your researcher activity.  Use these pages to help you whatever stage you are at.


Please note, many of the links on these pages are to resources on the Vitae website.   This site now controls some content and an account is required to access it.  The University is a Vitae Membership Organisation so please follow the links to create and verify an account.

Can we help?

These pages should provide most of the careers information you need. But if you would like further assistance see our individual advice page or visit or telephone us to make an appointment with a careers consultant. See the About Us page for more information on contacting us.