Employers' Requirements

What employers are looking for

Lots of employers come to Strathclyde to recruit our graduates, but the degree subject on its own is not what makes a successful graduate, even if that degree is from Strathclyde! Employers do value academic ability, and they will want you to have a 'good' degree, but they look for evidence of more than just academic knowledge. They want your skills too and you'll find them asking for particular skills or competencies that will enable them to assess whether or not you will be the sort of candidate they are looking for.

University life will give you a great opportunity to develop your skills as well as your knowledge, not only through your studying but also through other aspects of your life, be that part time employment, leisure activities, positions of responsibility, travel or whatever. It will be important that you recognise the skills you are gaining so that you can build up a record which will later allow you to provide an employer with the evidence that you are just the candidate they want!