Options With A Degree From Strathclyde


No one can give you a guarantee that studying at Strathclyde (or at any university) will result in that dream job - over the next few years it's more than likely that not only will you change but so will the labour market for graduates. But it is still sensible to do a bit of research about what your degree might lead to - as long as you bear in mind that it's not only your degree subject that will get you that job. Employers will also be interested in you as a person and all your experiences - in higher education, in part-time jobs, in leisure activities, in membership of clubs and societies...

And the good news is that employers like Strathclyde! You'll have seen from the home page of our website that they like the Careers Service - that's important, but even more important is the fact that they like Strathclyde graduates and give them jobs. And don't just take our word for it - read it for yourself.

So, what sorts of jobs do our graduates get and how can you find out a bit more?

  • Each year we undertake a major research exercise to find out about the jobs our graduates have entered.

  • Look at these examples of jobs our graduates have gone into over the last two or three years.

  • All academic departments have information about what happens to their graduates after graduation. Some include this in the course or departmental information

  • And to give you an even broader picture, have a look at Prospects for UK wide information.

  • Further useful information for prospective international students.