What Employers Say About Strathclyde Graduates

Quotes from employers

"ExxonMobil favours Strathclyde University as one of its best, fulfilling hiring needs as well as meeting the academic needs of the students themselves. We have a strong presence on campus driven by a combination of successful recruiting and effective liaison with the Careers Service and the Faculties. With the ever increasing globalisation, it's refreshing to see that we still have talent 'on the doorstep'."
Lynda Wilson, Recruitment Advisor

"PwC recruit Strathclyde University students year on year. Our experience is that the Strathclyde University students demonstrate the academic capability to succeed within our profession. They have also had the opportunity to develop their employability skills through a range of different activities that the University provides. This enables Strathclyde recruits to meet the challenges that a role at PwC offers, but also allows PwC to benefit from having students who help meet the demands of our ever changing business environment."
Konica Stones, Student Recruitment Scotland

"My time at Strathclyde provided me not only with a strong academic degree, but also life skills which enabled me to get the job I wanted when I graduated. The variety & content of core classes combined with the elective choices available make Strathclyde students stand out from the crowd.
Additionally, the structure of course work gives students the chance to test themselves and develop their skills through individual assignments, and group projects, and this equips students with vital skills they can use throughout their career.
Taking advantage of the opportunities available at Strathclyde, such as the flexibility to study abroad & get involved in extra-curricular activities, builds an interpersonal skill set in addition to an academic skill set, and is an impressive trait of Strathclyde students."
Fiona Barbour, IBML graduate - 2004, now working at P&G