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The Scottish Graduate Fair 2021 - Virtual

We are delighted to inform you that this year the Scottish Graduate Fair 2021 will be held virtually!


Celebrating the 32nd Anniversary of the fair will be very special as the fair will once again be held virtually. The virtual fair will be held on the 13th October using the online platform of Career Fair Plus.


Exhibitors - If you wish to register your interest in attending our virtual Scottish Graduate Fair, please contact for more information.


Have a look at our 2018 Video and see what employers and attendees thought of the fair.


Scottish Graduate Fair 2021 - Booking Form (Virtual)

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SIZE PRICE         VAT         TOTAL        
Virtual Stand £800 £160 £960

Taking a stand at the Scottish Graduate Fair is an investment of your time and money.  Naturally, you want it to pay dividends for your graduate recruitment.  Feedback from Fair visitors tells us what impresses them - and what does not!


Who should be present at the Virtual Fair?

  • Above all, people who are interested in talking to thousands of students.
  • Ideally, staff who have worked in your organisation for at least a year and know its culture and the opportunities which it can offer.
  • If you are recruiting for technical functions, there should be at least one person in your team who can speak to students about technical work.  It is counter-productive if you cannot provide that information.


What should representatives know? 

  • As a minimum they should have a thorough knowledge of your organisation's brochure and website.
  • As bright students will already have studied the brochure and website, it is helpful if representatives can answer additional questions.
  • Representatives should have up-to-date information about anticipated vacancies and salaries.
  • Representatives should be briefed on higher education qualifications and the Scottish education system.  Useful briefing sheets are available from the Association of Graduate Recruiters - Employers' Guide to Postgraduate Education and Employers' Guide to Scottish Higher Education.


What do students want to know? 

  • The nature, number and location of vacancies
  • A typical working week for a research chemist/production engineer/investment analyst/etc.
  • Major developments in your organisation
  • What you are looking for in applications and interviews
  • Academic entry requirements
  • In-service support for professional qualifications
  • Starting salaries and progression depending on qualifications on entry
  • A realistic impression of life in your organisation


Virtual career fairs are online 'events' that allow employers and students to meet in virtual environments such as through voice calls or video chat rooms, and offer a number of advantages to both students and employers!

We will be working with Career Fair Plus to host our upcoming virtual career fair, to create an intuitive, user-friendly experience for students and employers. 

Scottish Graduate Fair Organiser


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