Information Technology

The ability to understand and use computer technology for a variety of work related purposes

Behavioural indicators include:-

  • Open and use desk top software packages for word processing and spreadsheets using competent keyboard skills.
  • Use a word processing package to produce a variety of formats of documents and save documents created.
  • Use a spreadsheet package to record and manipulate differing sets of data.
  • Demonstrate confidence to learn new packages as appropriate.
  • Communicate appropriately using an email package including sending, receiving and attaching documents.
  • Show virus awareness and is security conscious.
  • Show knowledge of some search engines for the Internet.
  • Access information from the Internet including using search engines.

Do I Have These Skills?

You'll need to be able to prove to employers that you actually have the skills they want for the job. In applications and interviews they will ask 'competency questions' that begin with phrases such as 'tell me a time when ............. ' or 'give me an example of .............. ' Your answers are the evidence that you have what it takes.

To find out how well developed your skills are already you could try this simple exercise:

Rate yourself on each of the behaviours:

  • 1 = I do this very well. I am consistent and successful in it
  • 2 = I am good at this. With some practice I can make it perfect!
  • 3 = I am getting better, but still need to work on this a bit more.
  • 4 = I am not particularly good at this - yet!

Revisit this exercise several times through your years of study - you'll want to have as many skills as possible at 1 and 2 before you apply for graduate jobs.

And, think about all the life situations you've been in - university, work, leisure, travel, social - and identify incidents and examples from them that show that you have already used the skill.

Improve your skills

If you want to enhance your Information Technology skills, there are courses available


Glasgow code learning - free courses at Glasgow libraries