Welcome to the Careers & Employability Module

This module has been created by the Careers & Employability Service drawing on content from You're Hired! Graduate Career Handbook by Tristram Hooley & Korin Grant and incorporating material developed by our Careers Consultants.

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Who is this module for?

It has been developed for all current students from 1st year to Masters. We think you will find it helpful whatever stage you are at.

It focuses on career and employability learning and will provide you with insights into the process of transition from university to work or further study. This includes an understanding of the processes of career choice and career development as well as graduate recruitment processes and the labour market.

If you are a graduate our Careers Online Toolkit has some fantastic resources that cover many of these topics.

Tell me more! what will the module cover?

It is divided into 3 sections which cover the following topics: 


  • I just don’t know what to do with myself
  • Making the most of your degree
  • Building and Using Your Network 


  • Gaining and Recognising Your Experience
  • Effective Career Research
  • Thinking of Further Study


  • An introduction to recruitment processes
  • Separate sections on CVs, Cover Letters, Online Applications, Personal Statements, Recruitment (psychometric) Testing, Assessment Centres, Interviews

For more detail go to the Module Content sections below.

If I decide to enrol what does the module involve?

This module is not credit bearing so you can go at your own pace. You may decide to work through it from start to finish or dip into sections, and topics, that are most relevant to the stage you are at.

We have organised the module content for each topic in a 'book' - you simply click on the icon to begin working through that topic. Each book contains information, activities and further resources, often with suggestions of follow-up activities.

We have drawn on content from You're Hired! Graduate Career Handbook and have provided online access to it through the University library. For EXPLORE and PLAN you are encouraged to read a chapter of the book before working through each topic.

How do I enrol?

You can now self-enrol via the link below.

I have further questions, who do I contact?

No problem, please email yourcareer@strath.ac.uk with Careers & Employability Module in the subject line.

I have further questions and am a member of staff, who do I contact?

If you would like to discuss embedding this into your PDP, careers education programme or have any questions at all please contact your Faculty Careers Consultant.




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By the end of this module you will:

  • be able to articulate your strengths, weaknesses, interests and values and use this self-knowledge to support your career development
  • describe how the learning that you have undertaken at university will support your future career and how to present your skills and knowledge to potential employers
  • demonstrate an awareness of common transition routes and recruitment approaches and be able to produce key artefacts that support this transition (CVs, application forms, online profiles etc)
  • demonstrate knowledge of the labour market and articulate how you might operate within it


I just don’t know what to do with myself

This section will encourage you to reflect on your values, likes and strengths. It will show how these attributes can help identify career paths.

Work through this section if: 

  • you are not sure what you want to do after your degree or even how to begin thinking about a career
  • you find yourself at a crossroads in your career - perhaps you feel as if you've studied the wrong degree or you are seeking a change of career direction


Making the most of your degree

Whether you are doing a vocational or non-vocational degree, you still need to think about the relationship between your learning and your career. This section of the course will help you think about the subject you are studying and how this might be useful to you when you graduate.

Work through this section if: 

  • you are not sure how to talk about what you have learned in your degree
  • you are not sure what transferable skills you have developed through your studies
  • you are wondering if there was any point in undertaking a degree


Building and Using Your Network

Networks are critical to finding employment. As a student and recent graduate you will have opportunities to build your networks, but who is it best to connect with and how should you do this?

Work through this section if: 

  • the idea of 'networking' makes you nervous
  • you don't know who to network with or why
  • you are not sure what your networks have to do with getting a job
  • you want to build your network

Gaining and Recognising Your Experience

There are many different ways in which you can gain experience and develop yourself while you are at university. This section will discuss volunteering, part-time working, work experience, placements and activities you can get involved with at university that develop your employability. It will show you how to make the most of each of these opportunities.

Work through this section if: 

  • you aren't sure what should be included in the 'work experience' section of your CV
  • you don't know if you have any relevant work experience
  • you would like to get more experience


Effective Career Research

Researching possible jobs, careers and employers can help you make decisions about your career and give you the edge. This section will set out practical tips for identifying opportunities and gaining insights.

Work through this section if: 

  • you are applying for jobs, or have an interview or assessment centre to attend
  • you are wondering how to find out more about particular jobs, organisations and industries
  • you want to be able to compete successfully in interviews and assessment centres
  • you aren't sure why you need to do research


Thinking of Further Study

Many students stay on after their first degree to do more study. Is this really a good idea? This section will examine whether postgraduate study will give you the edge and what course to choose.

Work through this section if: 

  • you don't really understand what postgraduate study is and would like to know more about it
  • you are thinking about, or have already applied for, further study
  • you would like to know more about what career options postgraduate study can open up

This section of the course will outline typical recruitment practices used by employers and provide strategies that you can use to come out on top. It includes in depth materials to help you with each stage and opportunities to practice, where appropriate; you will also be signposted to further resources and support.

Work through this section if: 

  • you feel unsure about what to expect when you make an application
  • you are at any stage of the application process
  • your applications are not successful and you don't know why
  • you think your CV needs help
  • psychometric testing is getting you down