International Experience - Work and Study

Having the opportunity to work or study abroad is great for your personal development and your CV. Employers will be impressed with the fact that you have managed to live in a different culture, use your initiative, develop your independence and enhance your communication skills.






  • Meddeas language assistant programme

Opportunities for Strathclyde students

  • Spend up to one year of your course studying at a partner university in Europe or further afield.  Strathclyde has exchange agreements with approximately 250 universities worldwide including many institutions which offer courses in English.  Students get full academic credit for classes/projects successfully undertaken at the partner university.  For further information visit the Recruitment and International Office.
  • For students in the Strathclyde Business School, check out the Going Abroad information on the SBS website
  • Other international experiences can also be found on MyPlace

British Council

College of Europe

  • College of Europe - some funding available from Scottish Government for places each year

Summer Schools

  • Summer Schools in Europe.euoriginally founded by Utrecht Summer School, is the perfect starting point to explore Europe and to meet other students from all over the world. By taking a summer course in Europe you will develop your communication skills and team spirit, expand your horizons and open up your mind academically and culturally to meet the challenges of todays world. The cost for a summer school ranges from free to very expensive so search wisely!


  • ActiLingua offer German language and work experience internships (Erasmus+ funding may be available)

Language Schools

Advice about Study Abroad

  • The FCO website gives up to date travel advice for British travellers.
  • The UK Government Travel Aware campaign aims to help British people to stay safe and healthy abroad.
  • Questions to ask before you accept work overseas.
  • Choose Italian - this video provides some excellent career case studies of students who spent time studying in Italy.

An opportunity to live abroad as a student is the most important, eye-opening and life-enhancing experience you can have. You learn things that transform you into a ‘Global Graduate’ - a young person with global skills like languages, travel experience and cross-cultural understanding. The Global Graduates website will help you find out about the global opportunities available to you in your holidays, during your degree and after you graduate and includes listings of internships, traineeships and jobs from companies looking for young people who want to use their global skills in their careers.


Careers Resource Centre has reference books to assist students interested in working abroad

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"International placements and work experience definitely liven up a CV and are an excellent talking point for interviews.  As it is not a standard part of degrees, it shows initiative - that someone has been proactive and “done something that wasn’t spoon-fed”.  It also shows maturity, good communication skills, confidence and ability to overcome challenges. If the student is able to reflect on what they have learnt and articulate examples of these skills, to demonstrate the benefits of the experience, employers will definitely be impressed."  Scot Grad


We have been asking employers, who actively recruit from Strathclyde, about how an international experience can really enhance your CV:


"Skyscanner employs more than 30 nationalities and has 7 offices across the globe, intercultural communication is therefore key to our success. This is why we value international student experience as we feel it is the best way to learn from and share with other cultures."

"The added value of a graduate with international experience,  is that the graduate has had experience with working with others from different parts of the globe,  as GE is a multi-racial & multi-cultural organisation, which will enhance that experience." GE OIL & GAS

"At Shell one of the key things we look for is graduates with excellent relationship building skills.  Gaining relevant international experience and being able to talk about what you learnt from it is a great way to show you are able to adapt to new cultures and build effective team relationships in unfamiliar circumstances.  It also helps demonstrate that you are also willing to stretch yourself and take yourself out of your ‘comfort zone’ in order to develop your skills."

"Working internationally provides graduates with an excellent opportunity and level of challenge. Several of our graduates at Standard Life have had a rotational placement abroad and have gained a broader insight in to how an international business operates." Standard Life

"With our major global presence and ambitious growth plans, coupled with the diversity of our clients, recruiting graduates with a global mind-set helps us to develop future leaders to support our brands all over the world." Hilton

"We’re committed to hiring, promoting and rewarding talented people who bring unique ideas to the table. From the boardroom to our branches, it’s about creating an inclusive culture where everyone works together to deliver the right solutions for our customers and clients. At Barclays, we know the smartest investment is in people."

"As our firm diversifies and moves into new areas, graduates with international experience may bring useful experience that we could practically use within the firm." Hymans