Equality and Diversity Courses

In order to raise staff awareness the University encourages staff to participate in a range of equality courses, including an online module.

The Diversity in the Workplace module has been produced especially for Strathclyde University staff and is provided by Marshall ACM. On completing the module you will :

  • Understand broader equality and diversity concepts and issues
  • Be able to describe key features and provisions of equalities legislation
  • Know your responsibilities and rights as a member of staff of the University.

Within the module there are quizzes, and a test to undertake upon completion.

The course takes about 60 - 90 minutes to complete.

Take the course.

If you have any particular requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the Equality and Diversity Office: equalopportunities@strath.ac.uk

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As part of our ongoing commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity, the University has launched online training in the concept and impact of unconscious bias and on gender inclusivity in the workplace.  

The ‘Understanding Bias’ course looks at the nature of bias and how it impacts on the workplace. It provides psychological insights into how our own behaviour might be affected by prejudice and looks at what we can do to reduce or eliminate its influence in the decisions that we make. The ‘Gender Matters’ course looks at the benefits of a gender inclusive workplace and what we can do to achieve it.

All staff are invited to complete the courses, which are accessible via Myplace. The courses can be saved and completed in stages or in one session.