Procedures Manual




ADM001 Provision of Estimates
ADM002 Notification of Works
ADM005 Purchase Order/Invoice/Credit Note Procedures for EMIS
ADM009 Public Employers Liability Insurance and CIS documentation
ADM011 Request to Create a New Stock Item
ADM012 Time Sheets
ADM017 Works Management Sickness Absence
ADM018 Staff Absences
ADM019 Expenses Form
ADM020 Weekend Travel Allowance (UCATT)
ADM025 Motor Insurance Database (4th EU Directive)
ADM026 Issue of Mobile Phones
ADM027 Assets
ADM028 Tender Procedure Adhoc Checks
ADM029 Annual Verification
ADM030 Approved Supplier Database
ADM031 Approved Supplier Inclusion (Supplies only companies)
ADM032 Approved Supplier Inclusion (consultants contractor)
ADM033 Approved Supplier Professional Reference
ADM034 Interview Form
ADM035 Approved Supplier Deletion
ADM036 Tender Opening
ADM037 Retention of Tender Documents
ADM038 Feedback and Complaints
ADM040 Mobiles Personal Calls
ADM041 Mobiles Outstanding Bills
ADM044 Computer Replacement
ADM045 Refreshments for Meetings
ADM046 Stationery
ADM047 Travel and Conference/Seminars
ADM048 Policy on Use of Taxis
ADM049 Pre and post course training form
ADM050 Policy Guidelines on Heavy Squad Charges
ADM053 Statement of Understanding
ADM057 Parking Ticket Policy