EMIS Replacement

Aerial view of campus buildings

In 2017 Estates Services commenced work on a major project to introduce a new facilities management system that would improve operational efficiency and provide a better service to our customers.

What is this project about?  

The new system, the EMS (Estates Maintenance Services), will replace the existing EMIS system, which currently administers all routine maintenance and recoverable works, as well as the Frontline system which is used to organise the planned preventative work undertaken by the department. 

What is happening now?

EMS is now in its pilot phase and is being released to more users and departments.  Staff within Estates Services, Residences, the Library and the John Anderson Building already have access to the new system. Our aim is to have all elements of the new system operational by end of 2019, with all departments transferred over to the new system by the end of October 2019.

What are the benefits of the new system?

The highlights of the new system include:

  • a new customer interface
  • real-time updates on work requests
  • an enhanced reporting capability
  • the allocation of tasks to trade operatives via mobile devices

The system is linked in with the existing FMS system and will form a separate menu option within that system. It will have a very familiar look and feel, which should make the transition to the new system very easy for those of you who are already FMS users. 

If you would like more information of the system, please see the EMS FAQs or contact the Helpdesk.