EMIS Replacement

Replacement for the EMIS system

The Estates Services department is pleased to announce that it has recently received approval for the implementation of a new Facilities Management system to replace its current EMIS system.  EMIS, which was implemented in 1998, still has a number of manual, paper based processes attached to it.  We are seeking to update this system in order to improve our operational efficiency and the service we provide to our customers. 

A new system that interfaces with the latest advances in mobile technology will provide for a large number of improvements, including the allocation of tasks to trade operatives via mobile devices, a new customer interface, real time updates on work requests, an enhanced reporting capability, together with the flexibility to handle future legislative changes.  Additionally the new system will replace our current Planned Maintenance system (Frontline), delivering  significant benefits from both these systems being integrated onto a single platform.

The target date to go live is Autumn 2018.  Updates on progress will be issued periodically and user departments will be invited to be involved at various stages of development.  The implementation of any IT project is a difficult procedure.  Our customers’ patience and support during this process will be vital to its successful delivery.  

If you have any questions in relation to the project please contact Robert Kilpatrick (robert.f.kilpatrick@strath.ac.uk) or Anne Lochhead (a.lochhead@strath.ac.uk).