Staff Focus Group

Following feedback at one of the Principal’s Engagement Talks some time ago, an Operational Staff Focus Group was established to provide a forum for operational staff within Estates Services to feedback ideas and opinions. The scope has now been widened to include representation from among the Professional Services staff within the department.

This Group is a means of exchanging information and ideas and provides a forum in which issues can be raised and workflowed to the appropriate manager. The business of this Group is entirely separate from the business of the union or from business which falls within the remit of Human Resources.

The planned schedule of meetings is once every 2 months, though this may be more frequent when there are specific issues to consider.

The representatives are on the Group to bring forward the views and ideas of the staff within their Section and it is important that they talk to colleagues as part of that process. All reps should be allowed reasonable time to have those discussions with colleagues and if any are having difficulty in securing that time, that should be raised with senior management. Reps should also be permitted reasonable time to review paperwork in preparation for a meeting.