Postage Costs - Pricing In Proportion

Estates Services Security section provides a service for the collection and sorting of outgoing mail items. Security will then process all mail through our franking system to ensure that the costs of posting each mail item are ultimately charged to teh department sending it. In the majority of cases mail will be sent using the services of Royal Mail.

Departments should bear in mind that the amount you will be charged to send mail via Royal Mail will depend on the size and weight of the item you're sending and this should be borne in mind when you are preparing items for posting.

Mail is no longer rated just in terms of weight and whether it is 1st or 2nd class alone. Instead the rate is influenced by the weight, length, width and thickness of the mail piece. So for example it is cheaper to fold a piece of mail into C5 size, so that it can be classed as a Letter than have it an A4 envelope, in which case it is classed as Large Letter and postage costs are higher.

The simple key principal of the Royal Mail charging system is that smaller, lighter items cost less to send than larger, heavier ones.

For more detailed information on the charging system however please visit the Royal Mail website by clicking here.