Wolfson Building Redevelopment: The Story So Far

Wolfson Building

This ambitious and exciting redevelopment project will see the transformation of Biomedical Engineering Facilities at the University of Strathclyde. Work began in January 2019 and the project is due to be completed in summer 2020. We are now starting fit out work, including flooring, decorating and painting, as well as the installation of lab equipment. 

Realising the Wolfson’s full potential

The Wolfson Building is the home of Strathclyde’s UK-leading Department of Biomedical Engineering. This bold redevelopment project will create first-class facilities and an enhanced learning and working experience for the students and staff of this fast-growing department.

Completed in 1972, the Wolfson is an Historic Environment Scotland ‘B’ listed building. It has a unique façade and is a good example of a post-war Modernist education building. The re-use of the Wolfson Building is a fantastic example of how an existing building can be successfully repurposed. Refurbishing an existing building brings many benefits in terms sustainability, including minimising the use of new materials, reusing an existing asset in a prime campus location, and conserving the majority of still useful building materials. The redevelopment means that facilities at the Wolfson will be supporting innovative teaching and research well into the future.


Renovated teaching and research spaces inside the Wolfson Building
What’s been happening so far?

The Wolfson’s distinctive, external concrete façades have been cleaned and repaired. The windows have been replaced with new double-glazed aluminium widows and spandrel panels to improve thermal performance of the building. The roof is being renewed with new insulation and roof coverings, and the cladding to the rooftop plant room is being replaced.  An additional escape stair and passenger lift has been designed as a new build extension to the north façade in order to accommodate more people in the building.

Internally, lots of work is being done to create modern teaching, office and social spaces for students and staff. The building will accommodate a range of specialist laboratories, flexible teaching spaces and a new teaching lab. The unique features of the building, such as the level three open gallery will be retained and carefully restored. 


Work in progress outside the Wolfson Building
Sustainable choices

All new materials have been selected with their sustainability credentials in mind. The Wolfson’s new carpets, for example, are made from 100% recycled and carbon neutral material. The internal layout also includes more shower facilities to support staff and students who walk, run or cycle to work, as well as more accessible toilets. New low energy lighting will have automated controls to help save energy. New heating and ventilation systems are being installed, and the Wolfson will be connected to the University’s District Energy network, which will provide energy efficient heating and hot water. 


Last updated: 15 January 2020

Wolfson Building progress in November 2019 compared to architect's vision