Online Student Payment System

Payment to Students

One-off and ad hoc payments to students are made through the Online Student Payment system. This system is only for payments to students in relation to casual work.  Recurrent work (i.e. work which spans more than two consecutive months) should be commissioned and remunerated through the Human Resources recruitment process.  

Students who have completed work for a department should submit a claim through the link under the 'Administration / Finance' in Pegasus:

  • when the work is completed or
  • at the end of the calendar month, if the work spans two months.

The ‘Administrator’ within the department for whom the work was undertaken will receive an email notification and the approval process will begin.

Payment Claims which have been submitted and authorised by the 4th of the following month will be paid through the Monthly Payroll at the end of that month.

Documentation can be found at:

Important Points to Note for Staff

Right to work in the UK
Everybody who is invited to undertake work for the University in the UK must first present evidence of their Right to Work in the UK, to a University of Strathclyde employee.  The University is legally obliged to verify and retain a copy of this documentation.  Claims for payment through the Supplementary Payments route (including Student Payments) can only be processed if appropriate Right to Work evidence has been recorded.  University staff can access step-by-step guidance on how to conduct and record these checks, via SharePoint.

Additionally, students who hold a valid Tier 4 visa or a mandatory registration certificate, allowing work in the UK, are subject to strict rules governing the total number of hours that they may work in any given week.  Please visit the Right to Work in the UK page for full details.

Regular Payments
If it is envisaged that the student is going to work regularly (i.e. where the work will span more than two consecutive calendar months) then an Authority to Appoint Form should be raised to approve the post and the student should be employed on a Workers Contract through Human Resources  

The Online Student Payment System is only for ad hoc payments to students, not for regular or recurrent full-time or part-time employment.

Processing Deadlines
For HMRC purposes claims should be processed during the calendar month in which the work was completed. To be included in the Monthly Payroll claims must be approved by departments by the 4th of the month.

Claiming for multiple, concurrent pieces of work
Where the student is conducting more than one piece of work in a given time period e.g.

  • the work is for different departments or
  • the work is for different individuals or sections within the same department (and requires separate approval processes)

then separate claims must be raised by the student. 

When the Online Student Payment Systems cannot be used
There are certain circumstances where a student will not be able to use the online Student Payment System, and will have to use the paper claim form.

Student does not have a UK National Insurance Number
In order to make a claim through the Online Student Claim System, a student must have a valid UK National Insurance Number.

For non-UK Nationals who do not have a NI number, please complete the claim form available at

and give to your department who will authorise and send to HR for processing.

Student does not have a UK Bank Account
Payments can only be processed through the Online Claim System where the student has an open bank account with a UK bank. Students should be encouraged to open an account if they do not already have one but where this is not possible in time to ensure prompt processing of payment for work done, a paper claim should be submitted.

Support for the Online System:

Operational Support
0141 548 4709


Payroll Enquiries:
0141 548 4758