The clubs and benefits described below are available to qualifying University Staff and can be paid for through a monthly salary deduction.

Ross Priory

Ross Priory is the University's Recreational and Conference Centre, situated in 200 acres of parkland on the south east shore line of Loch Lomond. Membership of this unique facility is open to all current and retired members of staff and to graduates of the University up to a maximum of 790.

Centre for Sports and Recreation

Situated in a central location within the John Anderson Campus, the Centre for Sport and Recreation offers a wide range of opportunities and choices for students and staff to participate in Sport, Health and Fitness.  There is also a membership scheme which allows University Graduates and Associates to make use of the facilities.

Parking on Campus

Staff can park on Campus benefiting from reduced car parking rates. See our Estate Management page for all the details.

Staff Lottery

If you wish to get more information or take part in the staff lottery, please email:

Trade Union

If you wish to get more information on which Trade Unions operate within the University, please contact the Payroll department.

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

Please click on the below link to be taken to the CAF website and find out more about how you can support your selected charity.

Childcare Voucher Scheme

With effect from 4 October 2018, all childcare voucher schemes closed to new applicants as a result of the introduction of the Government’s new Tax-Free Childcare Scheme.
The University’s Childcare Voucher Scheme remains open to existing members however you cannot be a member of both the University and the Government scheme.
If you decide to leave the University’s Childcare Voucher Scheme after 4 October 2018, you will not be able to re-join the scheme. If you choose to leave the University’s Childcare Voucher Scheme you can continue to use any vouchers you already have in your account, including to make a joint payment for childcare with Tax-Free Childcare.  There is no deadline for using your vouchers. It should be noted that no refund of vouchers will be made.   
If you have any questions please contact Joanne McRae:

Tax Credits
If you are in receipt of tax credits and unsure whether you would benefit from joining the Childcare Voucher Scheme, the best advice is to contact the Tax Credit Office (Helpline 0845 300 3900) for further information.