FMS - Advances


The process of requesting an advance for Staff, Postgraduate Students and  HaSS Undergraduate Students who incur placement expenses can be found here.

The process of requesting an advance for Undergraduate Students who do not have FMS acess and for other non-University staff can be found here.


Essentially, after a trip, the individual who has travelled should fill in an Expense Claim detailing any money they have spent in the course of the trip (with appropriate receipts etc.)

If you have been issued with a Travel Advance, the Expense Claim form prompts for details of that  advance when you enter the second tab of the Expense Claim – ‘Expenses’.

If the value of the Expense Claim is greater than the Advance then the difference will be refunded to the individual (as per any other Expense Claim).  

If the value of the Advance is greater than the Expense Claim (i.e. if there is money to be paid back to the University) then this should ideally be refunded by Bank Transfer (see Methods of Payment)