Key Dates & Deadlines

Year End Processing Deadlines

The deadlines for year end processing can be found on the Year End Processing Deadlines webpage.

Payment of Expenses

Expenses are paid weekly and, documents must be received by Finance no later than 12.00 on Wednesdays for payment that week. Occasionally there may be additional checks required for individual budgets or travel advance payments and this may hold the payment until the following week.

Expenses are normally paid by BACS directly to bank accounts used for salary payments. A separate bank account may be provided for  expenses, if that is more convenient.

Payment of Invoices

Properly authorised invoices are automatically released for payment in the next payment run following the invoice due date. This is normally 30 days from date of invoice.

If required, a ‘Special Payment’ can be requested. Special Payment invoices are paid in the next available weekly payment run (every Thursday). Invoices should be passed to the Accounts Payable section of Finance promptly to avoid interest charges under the Late Payments of Commercial Debt Act.

Payment Dates

Finance makes  payments weekly by BACS or cheque on a Thursday. If paid by BACS (bank transfer) this will credit to the bank account on the Monday following, except for Bank holidays when it will credit  one day later.

Staff Payments

Salary payments are generally made on the second last working day of the month. 

Online payslips will be available on PEGASUS no later than two working days before the date of payment.

Planned payroll dates for the 2017/18 tax year are as follows:

Payment DateDate Online Payslips available on PEGASUS
 Friday 27th April 2018  Wednesday 25th April 2018
 Wednesday 30th May 2018  Monday 28th May 2018
 Thursday 28th June 2018  Tuesday 26th June 2018
 Monday 30th July 2018  Thursday 26th July 2018
 Thursday 30th August 2018  Tuesday 28th August 2018
 Thursday 27th September 2018  Tuesday 25th September 2018
 Tuesday 30th October 2018  Friday 26th October 2018
 Thursday 29th November 2018  Tuesday 27th November 2018
 Thursday 20th December 2018  Tuesday 18th December 2018
 Wednesday 30th January 2019  Monday 28th January 2019
 Wednesday 27th February 2019  Monday 25th February 2019
 Thursday 28th March 2019  Tuesday 26th March 2019


University Calendar

The University Calendar - including Key Dates and Public Holidays - can be found on the Key Dates webpage.