HR Strategy Mission & Goals


To promote within the University a challenging, fair and secure working environment, where the individual's need for achievement at work is acknowledged and utilised to the benefit of the University, its staff and its customers. To enhance the reputation of the University internally and externally as a good employer.


  • To develop a comprehensive range of employment policies and procedures which support the University's aims and objectives, enhance its reputation as a good employer committed to Equality of Opportunity and meet legal requirements.
  • To attract, recruit and retain quality staff.
  • To construct programmes which will meet staff and organisational development needs.
  • To develop constructive relationships with recognised trade unions. To negotiate and maintain agreements consistent with the University's business needs and the requirements of a good employer. To resolve grievances and disputes. To supervise disciplinary matters.
  • To develop policies and strategies on rewards and to ensure that salaries and benefits are applied in a manner consistent with policy.
  • To operate a reliable personnel record system which respects confidentiality, meets legal requirements and is accessible for planning purposes.
  • To assist plan the University's staffing requirements and implement recruitment, transfer, redundancy, and retirement schemes consistent with the University's aims and resources.
  • To be identified by members of staff as an accessible, constructive and responsive source of information and advice on all staff related matters.