Learning and Development

In the context of the ADR process, the development discussion should be seen as an on-going three stage process which begins by assessing the development need, then determining how the need is going to be met and finally by evaluating if the need has been successfully met.


After drafting performance objectives for the forthcoming review year, appropriate learning and development activities should be identified which will support the achievement of these objectives and/or enhanced job performance more generally.

Appropriate development activities take into consideration a range of factors including personal learning styles, workload, what development is to take place, financial implications and how it links to organisational priorities. Questions that should be asked when setting learning and development plans include:

  • What knowledge, skills and experience are required to support the achievement of performance objectives?
  • How do these compare with current knowledge, skills and experience?
  • What knowledge, skills or experience need to be developed in order to achieve performance objectives?
  • What is the most appropriate development method? Consider that there are a wide range of development methods to consider not confined to traditional training courses e.g. work shadowing, mentoring, contributing to projects.
  • What actions/activities should be undertaken?

Detailed guidance on learning and development planning can be found in Guidance on Setting Work Objectives and Associated Development Planning .

Additional guidance on different types of learning and development can be found in  Activities Supporting Personal and Professional Learning and Development .

Staff International Scholarship Scheme

To support the University internationalisation agenda and to reflect a commitment to staff development, applications can be made for a level of financial support to travel to partner institutions or organisations to share and expand knowledge and good practice.  International Scholarship Fund applications should be submitted to jan.lee@strath.ac.uk.  Applications will be considered twice per annum in June and December.

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