HR Policies

A full list of HR policies and procedures is kept on the Staff section of the University's website.

Career Pathways (Academic Professional)

Recognising the University’s strength in knowledge exchange activity and the increasing importance of such activity going forward, the University is pleased to introduce a new career path for knowledge exchange professionals.  This career path, as endorsed by the Executive Team and Staff Committee, is articulated through the establishment of the new Knowledge Exchange staff category, spanning Grades 6 to 10 of the University’s pay and grading structure.  It is the first new staff category to be introduced since the 2006 Pay Modernisation exercise and is innovative within the higher education sector.   

With immediate effect it is possible to categorise new staff posts under the Knowledge Exchange staff category.  There may also be cases where existing roles may benefit from recategorisation to this staff category, in which case the normal route would be to utilise the University’s staff regrading procedure; where it is felt that such a case may exist it is recommended that this be discussed with the relevant HR team in the first instance.