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If you would like to be matched with a coach or for more information, please email OSDU with your contact details and answer the following question:

What is your interest in coaching?

Coaching Agreement

One you have ben matched with a coach you will have an initial meeting to discuss the coaching process, find out if it is right for you and discuss what the focus and outcomes of the coaching should be.

The coaching service is open to all members of staff who hold a University of Strathclyde employment contract.

Regular Coaching Sessions

Commitment is required on both sides, coaching sessions last for 1 – 1 ½ hours in duration and you will work with a coach for around 4 – 6 sessions.   It is expected that you will show up for arranged sessions, have an idea of session objectives, take your own notes and keep agreements made during the session.

Coaching is based on openness and trust, the most effective outcomes from coaching relates to the level of openness and trust between you and your coach.  Successful coaching requires the individual to be committed and motivated by being open-minded, able to challenge self, set goals, take action, be persistent and have self-belief.

End point evaluation

The impact and evaluation of the coaching process will generally be discussed at every session to see that the process continues to be effective.  At the end of the coaching, a formal evaluation will be carried through a questionnaire asking questions on the coach’s performance as well as the impact coaching has had on your performance.

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